With the never-ending, expanding-into-chaos ridiculousness Trump has given us last week in his first all-by-himself press conference (and during his first weeks in office), I’ve had many clients asking if he’s going to make it to the two years and three months I originally saw for his “reign”. With the unabashed speed with which he’s rolling out his stupidity, I doubt it – unless the impeachment procedure starts now and just takes that long. But I don’t think so. All bets are off. No one knows what happens next. We are in the unknown with our Piscean/Aquarian Age shift, so why should our politics be any different?

But one thing is becoming evident: by behaving in such obvious ego-centric, out-of-reality ways, he’s galvanizing people to see things clearer and getting those in opposition to be on the same side. I specifically loved the videos of Jews supporting Muslims at the airports after his infamous “(non)-Muslim Ban” was declared. What we’re seeing is the Great Negative Lesson at work.

While that might not be very comforting with fear of what he’ll do next on everyone’s mind, there is still a very big purpose for the Trump Experience to play out – not just for those of us in the United States, but all around the world. What we, the American people, do to fix this becomes an example for other countries also stuck with Piscean Age leaders.

Speaking to that, here is a posting written last year from Colin Tipping of Radical Forgiveness fame ( As this was written during the campaign, I’ve updated it a bit. The message still holds true. I’ve written on the subject of old souls/young souls before and how that is playing out now but thought you might enjoy someone else’s take.

Colin recalls what renowned Scottish psychic, Ainslie McLeod, wrote about the political drama the world is experiencing. His words are still very relevant. McLeod’s book, The Instruction, takes you through a process to unveil the life plan your soul created before you were born. He describes the difference between old souls and young souls and why we have both here on Earth. Colin writes:

Old souls are those who have been around the wheel of Karma many times and, having had thousands of lives, have developed a great deal of wisdom.

When they incarnate, they tend to become people who have a lot of caring and compassion for others, serve others willingly, create laws that serve everyone and the community as well as the individual. They have a commitment to the common good, have a lot of feminine energy, operate according to values such as integrity, fairness for all, forgiveness, justice, respect for all life forms, and care for the planet. They are very caring but can become codependent.

Young souls are those who are still learning their lessons and have not yet progressed very far up the ladder of soul evolution, with only a few incarnations listed on their resume.

They incarnate with a lot of male energy and use it to control others and make things happen by force. They think in black and white terms, play the win-lose game a lot, foster intense competition where to win others have to lose, consider the individual (themselves mainly) to be more important than the common good and act mostly in their own self-interest and those like them. They fail to look after their fellow humans other than those they love, have little compassion for the poor and the weak, are judgmental, self-righteous and self-serving. They are obsessed with money and status. They are quick to punish and exact retribution. When it comes to governing, they are mean-spirited and harsh in their treatment and punishment of those who don’t share their views.

Quite a distinction. So what is my point here in paraphrasing Ainslie? Well, it’s pretty obvious who fits what category. You don’t have to be clairvoyant to figure out Trump is one of the very young and inexperienced souls.

But that isn’t my point. As I have argued many times before, our purpose for being here is to experience and witness intense separation in order to realize that the opposite of it is Oneness and that Love is the only true reality. We can’t know love until we recognize and experience that which is not love.

That said, Spirit gives us many opportunities to experience the duality we create and because Spirit has a sense of humor, it sends in equal numbers of old souls and young souls to create and play out the illusion of separation on the public stage so strongly that everyone experiences it, and buys into it. And so it goes on until we all wake-up and see the truth.

However, for that to happen, we need some sort of crisis or breakdown to occur. So Trump is here to serve more than one spiritual purpose, none of which have anything to do with politics but everything to do with shifting our consciousness.

These are:

  • To play out on the world stage the illusion of separation by taking it to such an extreme that enough of us get that it is an illusion. Then the healing can begin.
  • To intentionally (though subconsciously, of course), be the catalyst for the creation of a major crisis such as might bring us to our senses.
  • To demonstrate that whatever we see ‘out there’ is a projection of our own consciousness. That means recognizing that what I dislike about him is a reflection of what I hate in myself. It’s the “If You Spot-It-You-Got-It” principle. It becomes an opportunity to love those things in myself – even though I still dislike him and think makes a disastrous President. (Spirit wouldn’t care. It is only interested in all of us coming to our senses and waking up. If it takes a crisis to do it, so be it.)

The ones giving us the most opportunities to become acquainted with our own shadow stuff are the Republicans. Nice work dudes! You’re playing the mirror game so well, who could possibly miss it? You are all ‘healing angels’ for us. Carry on being jerks. We love it and, assuming we have the eyes and the awareness to perceive the truth beneath the drama, we learn from it. Thanks.

Thank you, Mr. Tipping and Mr. McLeod. On one point, I tend to have a different opinion. I believe there are far more young souls who have jammed themselves into this life than there are older souls here to help. The young souls came because of the potential for accelerated growth, but once here, have found what they came to accomplish was far harder than they thought and so have stopped growing, falling back on ego in defense.

Meanwhile, the old souls who have come, many who have completed their physical journey long ago but returned with their wisdom because it’s so needed now, are so advanced, the few can teach the many.

Have courage. We have lived through fear and crazy before. Perhaps not to this degree, but we have not only survived, but learned and flourished. What we’re facing now is a culmination of all the lessons that we thought we got but are being shoved in our way so we will never backslide again.

On another subject, look for the New Moon coming in the morning on Sunday, February 26. That means we’ll all feel varying degrees of being lost on Saturday during the Dark of the Moon, and probably feel very emotional and etherial toward the end of the week. Music will help settle us this Moon, so have whatever music gives you comfort, strength, release or grounding on hand.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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