Let’s talk Pluto and how our outer-most planet (yes, planet) is having such a huge effect on us. There are two aspects of Pluto’s cycle that completely and permanently change our direction as human beings. I’ve written about one of them before, but there is more of great significance coming up that needs addressing.

First, a little about Pluto. It’s the planet of destruction to open a path for something new, the way that death brings rebirth. It transforms the structure of society and conventional thought and sensibility brought from one generation to another and so is sometimes called the Generational Planet. One of Pluto’s jobs is to change or get rid of things that have become stagnant and no longer serve the greater good, such as outdated tradition.

Right now, we are a little more than half-way through Pluto’s fifteen-year journey through the Earth sign, Capricorn, from January 25, 2008 to March 23, 2023. That sign relates to our physical realm (the Earth) and corporate/industrial growth. When Pluto and Capricorn get together, they bring revolution, new authoritarian influence and change to our physical world.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1762 through 1778, and it gave us the American Revolution. Those born during that time later brought the French Revolution. Both of these were major changes, not just for the individual countries, but on a greater scale. The forming of the United States of America and the reconstruction of Europe in the aftermath of the French Revolution have influenced the entire world.

Our current Pluto in Capricorn brought the growth of corporations and institutions to the point that their leadership (the one percent) is a greater influence on government and world trade than any individual or the will of the people. While this corporate growth will continue to get stronger over the next six years, events and individuals will also continue to challenge and push these corporations and institutions to shift. The Corporate God can be changed from being the cause of much of the damage to our world to being the leading edge that saves it. But that is yet to be determined. Corporations that don’t participate in the change to “for the good of all” mentality will naturally fail.

Our big corporations and institutions have been likened to dinosaurs in that a huge body is controlled by a very small brain, i.e., thousands (or more) of people at the command of one or two men. With the new Aquarian Age vibration removing the old Piscean Age male power-over entitlement, the structure of the one in charge of the many will fall. We are experiencing that in a more personal way as the Piscean Age ego hold-outs scramble in fear and bullying to maintain their individual importance. Look for that chaos to repeat on the corporate scale leading up to and immediately after 2023.

A prediction for this time has been to expect major changes in leadership to surface and flourish, some as dictatorships. Chaos caused by these new leaders/dictators should be on us now. And so they are. We see with our president and the Piscean Age ego-holdouts in control of countries all over the world that this has come true. While we may not like that corporations and institutions are the real rulers at this time, they bring stability while the rest of us and our political leaders are figuring out who we are and where we’re going next.

The second aspect of Pluto that is affecting us now is the timing of its natural orbit. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun. Astrologers have long been aware that that span of time also relates to the beginning and collapse of nations. The birth of our country in 1776 puts us now in year 241 of the 248-year cycle, around the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. That gives us another seven years before we’re supposed to collapse.

Some nations or empires have lasted longer. The Roman Empire had a 500 year run, (double the Pluto orbit). So have several Chinese and Egyptian dynasties. But there has always been upheaval at that 248-year anniversary that required change and adaptation. Now it’s our turn. And it’s scary because this is a very big deal! We’re in a make-it-or-break-it moment. Seriously. Whether we believe in astrology or not, history tells the tale. We are facing our country’s end-time if we don’t do something. If we don’t change and adapt.

With the challenges upon us now, especially the way our government is in such chaos, it’s easy to see that the United States could fall from importance in the world and even collapse in on itself. Didn’t our importance just take a hit with Trump’s first European visit? With Trump pulling the United State out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, European nations see it as a sign they can no longer count on or trust us.

Sidebar: Even with Trump’s refusal to believe in global warming, his removing us from the Paris Accord and his opening the door to renewed support for the coal industry and the like, this cannot stop the forward motion of the rest of the world and specific states from honoring the commitment. If he is in office for the full four years, which I cannot see happening, it still takes time for environmental damage that was stopped to resume. We had helped set up how the world is dealing with the climate crisis. Now others have to hold the line while we figure things out for ourselves.

Side-sidebar: Since Pluto was last in Capricorn, we lost awareness of our environment and our Earth. Now we as human beings are becoming more consciously aware of the damage we have done (i.e., global warming, over-population, stripping or exhausting natural resources), and what we need to do to help or fix the situation. In our New Age awareness, we are becoming more conscious of the symbiotic connection with our planet.

As always, the changes Pluto in Capricorn causes will have long-reaching affects. Caring for the environment and our Earth will be engrained in every soul reincarnated during this time. Our children will accept that part of their automatic responsibility is to care for our Earth as if it’s second nature. Remember the continuing affects of the American Revolution? Americans born into that time took their freedom as second nature and built on that.

Here’s the thing about the United States of America. Our forefathers formed it on ideals of freedom and equality, throwing away a regal system in favor of the individual being able to create their own opportunities. America was open to anyone who wanted that opportunity. Citizens from every race, color and creed were embraced (theoretically) and the varied cultures helped us develop. It made us great. It made us a world leader. Even thought we haven’t completely lived up to those ideals, the ideals are still in place and what we cherish.

But as with all individuals who are facing their personal demons and sins in this time of transformation, so is the United States. The sins of our past – usurping indigenous people, enslaving those considered lesser, exploiting others for our own greed – are coming to the forefront for us to face and overcome. Equality really does mean total equality now, not selectively so.

Overcoming these sins is what will continue our dynasty past Pluto’s 248-year cycle. Letting our self-importance, our country’s ego, take over will cause us to fall. We are still in the throes of living up to our original concepts. All of the challenges we face now with the deception and self-protective lies happening in our government, is giving us an opportunity for us as citizens of this country to reclaim an identity that has gotten off track.

It’s no coincidence that our country’s birth in Pluto in Capricorn and the end of our 248-year Pluto cycle comes at the same time the Piscean Age is changing into the Aquarian Age. This is what tells me that we will succeed in getting through this time. Our rebirth is in sync with the rebirth of the Earth herself. No other nation can claim that. It is extremely significant to civilization’s growth that we overcome our sins to be a world leader again. Not because we’ll be in the Piscean Age power-over, but because we will lead by example in the Aquarian Age power-within. Our current struggles continue to be an example to others. By overcoming them, we will show how other countries facing their own sins can do the same.

It’s a responsibility to be here – on the planet and in this country – one that not all of us take seriously. Some are and have been using America’s influence and wealth to screw with other countries so we can get what we want, pulverizing other traditions and civilizations for our own greed. Do you think we would be getting the same response from the Middle East now if we hadn’t screwed them over first because we wanted their oil? We’re in that “hitting the brick wall” time to face these sins and overcome them. And that brick wall has no mercy. Which is why we have Trump as the Great Negative Lesson.

Humanity, unfortunately, learns faster and better when we are forced to face negativity. The challenge of the negativity brings forward an issue or concept that people don’t want to think about but have to for their own survival. Pluto in Capricorn and our facing our inevitable end-time or transformation of our country involves everyone in the destruction of what was to clear away what no longer serves a purpose. That enables growth based on new concepts to make needed change.

It’s a long journey when the consciousness of it is extreme every single day. If we all stand in our own power-within, know ourselves, we will find that we can also see the bigger picture. Then we know clearly what we need to do for the good of all. Spirit is on the side of us – humankind – surviving. But we still have to do the work.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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