When the energy shifted into the vibe of 2017 on Friday, January 28 (Year of the Fire Rooster!), the weight of ten years of self-reflection, inner work/healing, and realization came off our shoulders. That gave us two very clear categories as we start the next ten-year cycle: we leap forward or we shoot ourselves in the foot.

For many of us who are leaping forward, what’s happened this past week, however, was that our feeling of relief was immediately overwhelmed by the sorrow of the plight of others who didn’t do their self-work. With those of us in-tune and more clearly able to harmonize ourselves with the refined Aquarian Age vibration, we’re now recognizing that all of humanity is connected in visceral, previously unrealized ways.

Harmonizing with the new vibe opens us up to be more sensitive to what’s around us which makes us more perceptive but also more vulnerable. While those of us leaping forward (the majority) are feeling more deeply, those who are stuck (the minority) are also feeling more deeply that they are lost, their desperation is overwhelming, and they’re making others share it.

With most of us having moved out of our own way and getting in-sync with the higher vibe, it’s been far easier this past week to viscerally experience the intensity of those who are stuck. But it’s more than just being able to identify; we’re now able to emphatically feel their physical, emotional and spiritual pain as if it’s our own. We’re feeling their fear, loss, anxiety, resentment, and anger mostly as sorrow because it isn’t just empathizing with them, it’s understanding in our souls that they are not going to “get it” in this lifetime.

While many might not be as consciously aware of where this overwhelming sorrow is coming from, it still affects us all. It might show up as overwhelming depression, or anxiety, or any emotion that is stronger than it should be. We usually don’t consciously dissect our emotions as we experience them to see what causes them. We assign them to what makes sense with what is going on within and without us. Know that any excessive emotion we’ve felt this last week was eighty percent picking up the plight of others.

This isn’t how we’ll feel the rest of this year. Our reactions now are strong because it’s all so new. That’s how it always happens – we feel the shock of a newness we can’t imagine until we get there. As we adjust, we’ll get a handle on it, but be aware we’ve graduated into a new awareness that we can’t shut off, so we must learn to adapt to it.

The Full Moon on Friday, February 10 (our first Lunar Eclipse) will bring great relief. Be aware, however, that the days leading up to the Full Moon can heighten our emotional experience, especially as we’re so sensitive now. We can easily feel dramatic self-doubt, lack of appreciation from others (especially from lovers), and stubbornness in not getting what we feel we have the right to have. But as we get to Friday night, the bubble of all that we’ve been over-feeling will burst. We will be confused for a while but also greatly relieved as we move into a vibe of separation from taking on every emotion out there. It’s important that we show kindness and generosity to others (and to self) over the weekend. We will be able to do it at that point.

Meanwhile, the first step to stop being overwhelmed is to consciously avoid taking in the plight of others. It’s one thing to identify and have compassion for what they’re going through, it’s quite another to take it within self and feel the varying degrees of devastation and depression when it’s not ours. Ask ourselves “Is this my fear?” “Is this my anxiety (or sorrow)?” over and over until the feeling eases, even if we have to do this multiple times during the day or night.

Know that for those not moving forward that it’s their choice. They need to figure it out for themselves or they’ll never learn. I frequently have mentioned the bicycle analogy about taking on others’ lessons: we can’t run next to someone who’s learning to ride a two-wheeler holding their handlebars to keep them balanced for the rest of our lives. We have to let go and trust they’ll make it on their own, even though they might not get their balance in this incarnation.

People choosing to stay out of balance because of ego, stubbornness or fear tend to make everyone else’s journey all the more difficult. They choose denial of reality, trying to create their own to keep them safe and important. And they have a tendency to be mean and retaliatory. They’re in so much fear and pain of loss because they no longer belong so they have to take it out on others.

While that is very hard to stomach when the enlightening path we’re on is clear to so many, know that even if these stubborn hold-outs don’t seem to get what’s going on consciously, they are getting it subconsciously and in their souls. But just like a child refusing to admit he’s wrong for fear of what happens when he does, so our young stuck souls can’t admit they need to adapt until there is a break in their continuum. When they leave this life (the break), what they couldn’t admit will make sense to them on the Other Side and be a lesson learned to start their next incarnation with more knowledge and, hopefully, more maturity.

That doesn’t help us now. Their fear and lost-ness are a burden for everyone – other people, our animals and our Earth. Many years ago, my mentor visited the energy votexes in Sedona. She sat with them and meditated and was overwhelmed by the pain the Earth was in from taking on and grounding the energy of her people who were not just mistreating, neglecting and disrespecting her but mistreating, neglecting and disrespecting each other and all life, especially animals.

That feeling of overwhelming pain is more on the surface and able to be detected now without going to a sacred place or energy vortex. It’s affecting how we get through the day and how we sleep (or don’t sleep). A dear friend and wise man wrote to me last week that he had to stop work and take time sitting in his car to release through tears as he could feel the pain of those around him because they couldn’t make the transition and finally had to deal with it.

Just because we all knew what we were facing when we agreed to come into this lifetime, doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. Theory on the Other Side is different from the fact of being here. With this lifetime being such a significant one to get karmic journeys complete, people have made extensive checklists to get everything done now. They’re finding it’s not only harder than they thought, but impossible to get it all done, even when they’re on top of it.

Remember that compassion is a good thing but turn it to yourself as much as to others and avoid taking on solving another’s problem – it is theirs to solve. Live in compassion but not to the point it costs loss of self.


With the swift and thoughtless action taken by Trump on banning Muslims by country from entering the USA, my community gathered in support of our local Islamic brothers and sisters and their center. Through the Next Door app, my neighbor asked our community to sign a card to be given to our local Islamic Center to show our support. He didn’t know if he would get slapped or accused or vilified when he suggested it, but we’ve all been so pleasantly surprised when the response was overwhelming with over 150 signatures, letters of support and even baked goods. It’s a small thing but a good thing.

Trump is doing his job: by behaving in outmoded Piscean Age concepts, he is bringing people together. Vehemently. Just not the way he thought he would. He is the Great Negative Lesson, after all!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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