Considering how disconcerting the energy of 2020 is, and how it’s becoming more chaotic and scary as we get through the second half of the year (at least on an energetic level as changes intensify), please watch for anger to be at an all time high for the next couple of months.

I don’t go out often these days. I’m lucky that I don’t have to. But when I do, I find I’m channeling my inner Jesse Pinkman and automatically calling everyone and everything that annoys me “bitch” (i.e., “When did you learn to drive, bitch?” “Could you be more stupid, bitch?” “Just think, bitch!”) Of course, none of these statements are said to any individual or within their hearing and I always catch myself on how mean and judgmental I’m being because people aren’t really doing anything wrong except trying to get through the year.

Even though I build energetic protection around myself before I leave the house, my gut reaction when I’m out on the road or in the grocery store is to pick up the collective consciousness anger-response that is running high with all the Mars in Aries energy, Moon influence (New Moon today), retrograde activity and the turn-it-up-to-eleven July and August turmoil (which will bleed a little into September). I’ve noticed the anger is running high for my clients, too. Misunderstandings, holding on to perceived hurts, punishing others for what someone else has done are happening as if Mercury is still retrograde (it isn’t). We’re under so much pressure, keeping tabs on ourselves sometimes seems like going “above and beyond”.

So, just a suggestion, try to be aware when Jesse Pinkman starts talking for you and try to put him back in Breaking Bad where he belongs. We will continue to feel the chaos for the rest of the year, but this anger response is more finite (July and August). If we know that and adjust ourselves to our own reactions, we can avoid a lot of problems with people we love and situations we find ourselves in going from annoying to irreparable.


I’ve written about what’s going on in 2020 before, so please forgive this version which might be repetitive, but I think we need to be reminded of what we’re living through from every perspective. It could give clarity to some who didn’t get it before.

One of the biggest subliminal concept changes we’re experiencing now is the shift out of the importance of the male lessons of the Piscean Age into human enlightenment. The greatest fear about that for the younger male souls (and younger female souls who like the old status quo) is being subconsciously terrified that they will not only lose their power-over entitlement, but that women (Oh, my God, not women!) will take over.

With the rise of women standing in their own power-within and frequently being smarter than their male contemporaries (only because their male contemporaries are holding on to their Piscean Age “rights”), it could easily seem that this is becoming a “Woman’s World” where men will be subjugated.

Part One: That’s not what’s happening.

Part Two: The concept of subjugation is very Piscean Age mentality. We’re done with having to make someone feel less than who they are so we can feel better about ourselves.

Part Three: Would that be so bad? Countries, governments and businesses run by women have been experiencing more peace and success by thinking outside the Piscean Age box.

According to the Mayan calendar, every 5,125 years up til now, we’ve switched from the predominance of lessons of one gender to the other with the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other like a really slow clock. Our species lesson over the last 5,125 years was for male energy, with the 2,000 years of the Piscean Age within that focusing on the leader/father/authoritarian role (other male-dominated lessons preceded that). It would seem logical that we’re coming back into 5,125 years of female-dominated lessons.

But that idea is missing one vital factor: we’ve completed the pendulum swinging from one gender to the other in our species’ lessons. That 5,125-year set of lessons is actually the ending of 26,000 years of back and forth with the pendulum now, finally, coming to rest in the center in the Aquarian Age of balance, harmony, equality, and Humankind, for the first time in human history. So this is a big deal!

What this means is that everything becomes equal: gender/sexual orientation, race, religion, creed. The Piscean Age was all about “me”—me surviving, me thriving, me winning because that what our lesson. Now the “us” of the Aquarian Age brings a new journey over the next 2,000 years (stretching into the next 26,000 years) of human development allowing us all to be ourselves without condemnation for being different, eventually celebrating what is different in each one of us.

The Aquarian Age brings the acceptance of difference as adding to the whole instead of being outside an exclusionary part of the whole, i.e., one rich and powerful man said, “If you don’t believe what I believe, you’re wrong and need to die”. That led to wars, small and large, the Crusades, persecution, pogroms, ethnic cleansing, and on a day-to-day basis, superiority of anyone who has more than two like-minded people agreeing with him to fuel their insecurity into being “better than”, which gives permission to punish, subjugate and kill.

We’re seeing this unfold openly before our eyes, which is the point. Openly. Before. Our. Eyes! Previously, it’s all been in the shadows and not brought out into the public. No more. Too many people are ready for Truth to be Revealed, and this is the year we get it.

But as the pendulum comes to rest in the center, this year is also about the backlash of those who are afraid to trust because they’ve don’t know how to do it, or who’ll they’ll be without their power-over. So instead of dealing with a simple pendulum swing, we’re dealing with Newton’s Cradle, the toy with the five hanging balls in the center that, when struck by the one at the end, keep hitting each other over and over until they wear themselves out. We’re in the middle of one of those seemingly endless swing-hit-swing-hit-swing-hit-swing-hit rhythms.

But that’s how we get out of this. Every “swing-hit” clears more Piscean Age stuckness out of the way. Knowing that’s what’s going on, and understanding with the Newton’s Cradle as a visual, might just help us better deal with the chaotic and constant shifts, fear and craziness that is 2020. If we watch the news, we get pulverized by all the turmoil because we can’t always see it’s for the good of all. Knowing people are dying or not being able to pay bills or knowing when we’ll work again or living with hatred and fear blatantly in our faces doesn’t seem like it’s for a higher good. But all of it is in a kind of “tough love from the universe” way. We’re given an opportunity to not destroy ourselves and 2020 is what helps us get there.

One of my clients likened her experiences during this summer to Silly Putty in the way it could pick up a cartoon from the newspaper and then be stretched and stretched until it looks completely unreal. 2020 equals Stretching Time and Space equals Twilight Zone equals Unreal. Yep! That’s where we are.

We all want to be recognized when we recognize others, to be loved how we love others, to be appreciated for who we are as we appreciate others for who they are. But as with all vibrational work, what we put out is what we get. The Black Lives Matter movement is publishing a lot of information on various platforms about how to be conscious of racism and how sneaky it can be to think we’re not when we really are. That goes toward our own self-awareness and the energy we emit.

So while being aware of our anger response during the rest of this summer, also be aware of the depth of the transition we’re in. The pendulum is trying to settle in the middle. Mankind struggling to fend off or become Humankind is everyone’s Newton’s Cradle. Enjoy the swing-hits because they are taking us to our New Normal. Have patience, trust and be in the now.


Human beings usually get clarity when we look back on an event or series of events. Rarely do we get the importance of what’s going on as we are experiencing it. It took years for the devastation of the Spanish Flu to be understood because it took that long for accounts to be organized and published from all over the world.

We’re living in a time for those accounts to be presented to us every moment of every day with our modern methods of communication and reporting. Even with that, a great number of us have yet to see or accept that this is the most significant year of change we will have in our lifetimes.

We have an unusually high number of varying soul ages (mostly younger) on the planet right now, and coming out of the Piscean Age, an unusually high number of fearful people that are causing most of the non-acceptance, stuckness and conflict (keeping us in Newton’s Cradle).

But for those who are aware, even if it’s not of the total spiritual/energetic change we’re in, please believe it, act on it, live in it. Discounting what’s happening around us because it’s inconvenient or scary doesn’t make it go away. The more we accept that we are in a species-altering moment coming out of our pendulum swinging lessons, the easier the journey becomes and the more we’ll be able to help pick up the pieces on the other side.

Monty Python said, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” And yet we’re right in the middle of it. Including the Comfy Chair!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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