Between now and September 22, a lot is going on astrologically and energetically. We’ve already been feeling the wave of August’s “Karmic Catch-Up Month” reaching into July, as it will follow us into September. Tis year, the ride is harder than usual. While it will feel like we’re in a constant pressure-cooker, we will be moving from one level of energy shift to another. I always feel it’s better to know what’s coming, especially if it’s difficult. That way, at least we have a heads-up and know that the difficulties aren’t just happening to us individually, but to everyone.

One of the hardest insights we will face during this time is to know that the harshness is happening everywhere to everyone. With the energy forcing us to look inward so intensely, it’s actually a real challenge to see that others are also having serious God-smacking times when we will feel it’s only happening to me! Hopefully, you’re really together within self and have done the required inner work to date and this time won’t affect you. If not, what follows may help.

Astrologically, what’s happening:

  • A New Moon on Sunday, July 23 brought in a new energy to help us get through the next couple of weeks but it can also add pressure for us to “do something” when the self-work is inward, not outward. That makes us ill-at-ease and uncomfortably enervated.
  • A Full Moon on Monday, August 7 with a powerful and cleansing Lunar Eclipse brings high emotions and extreme testiness with enhanced feelings of pressure to, again, “do something” when the inner lessons will be screaming at us to pay attention to them instead of masking them with distracting action.
  • Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday, August 12 bringing issues with communication, travel, and electronics as well as a ban on making any major purchases, signing any legal documents or starting new anything that’s significant. Part of our desires during this time will be to act to make ourselves feel better but the Mercury retrograde will very specifically tell us not to. This will feel more restrictive than usual.
  • A New Moon on Monday, August 21 with a powerful Solar Eclipse affects how we deal with presenting ourselves, specifically in feeling separate from who we are inside vs. who we are to others. Expect huge miscommunication as if we think we’re being clear but others, in their own self-involved journey, have no idea what we’re talking about. That brings frustration on a large scale.
  • On Tuesday, August 22, the Sun moves into Virgo giving us some grounding just as the retrogrades (see below) hit their peaks. However, Virgo can also make us more picky in details and more judgmental when things aren’t as we think the “should” be.
  • Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, September 5 and will be extreme in its effect up to the very last moment, then it will linger for several weeks after. We will be so tired of dealing with it but have no choice but to hang on a little while longer. Extreme exhaustion will be very common.
  • A Full Moon on Wednesday, September 6 is expected to be very emotional and a release from the Mercury retrograde but it won’t be completely satisfying.
  • A New Moon on Tuesday, September 19 or 20 (depending on time zone), brings the beginning of clearing the energy of the past two months, but will also feel very confusing as if we have a concussion. A lot of discombobulation occurs just when we think we should be clear, hence more frustration surfaces.
  • Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins on Thursday, September 21 bringing, finally, a release of the energy of the previous two months and a new beginning. The Jewish calendar is lunar and is much more in touch with the natural circadian rhythms of our bodies than our common Gregorian calendar and so has energetic effect when it hits.
  • The Autumnal Equinox on Friday, September 22 brings balance for the new beginning for those who have done the inner work that these two months are demanding we do. For those who didn’t, their power to affect others diminishes but they will be more removed from reality than ever and still try to make everyone pay for their discomfort.

Meanwhile, we have additional planets joining Mercury in retrograde throughout this journey:

  • Saturn is retrograde until Friday, August 25 (from April 5/6) which affects the structure of our lives, giving us constant, low-grade discomfort in feeling we don’t know what we’re doing in our lives, as if we question our paths every second of every day.
  • Uranus goes retrograde on Wednesday, August 2 forcing us to let go of tradition, which is what Piscean Age hold-outs are clinging to. It also affects our nervous system profoundly, making us especially uncomfortable in our own skin during these two months while all the other energies chime in.
  • Neptune is retrograde throughout this time (from June 16 to November 22) which brings either spiritual strength or escapism. As most of our world population (especially the young souls) will be having a hard time, look for escapism to continue to run rampant as many try to avoid facing the lessons this time brings. This can show up as excessive drinking or drug use (recreational and prescription), over-eating, a need to “drop out” of life and stay solitary even though we don’t want to be alone.
  • Pluto is retrograde throughout this time (from April 20 to September 28) pushing us to “re-birth” ourselves. The retrograde energy is making us go back over where we have gone off track in who we are in our souls and our original intended journey in this life. It’s helping us cleanse, heal, and release that which is not “us”. This brings an inner clash with what society, including family and friends, expect of us vs. what we want for ourselves.

Retrograde energy brings self-protective lying and people going back on their word, personally and on a bigger scale. Look for that to be highlighted during August with our government. Not that it hasn’t been that way since Trump was elected, but with the extremity of August’s Karmic Catch-Up energy and the ensuing God-smacking, it will be especially extreme. More on that bigger picture next time. Meanwhile be aware of it on a personal level because we will all be more sensitive to feeling betrayed for no real reason..

While the New and Full Moons happen every month, we are becoming more and more sensitive to their emotional pull as we refine our vibrations in this new Aquarian Age. Their effect is much more potent during these two months. Noting these dates and being aware of the significance of each can make it easier to deal with things as we move point-to-point during this time. The common threads are looking inward (whether we want to or not) and feeling the intense energy as high, sometimes uncontrollable emotions. It’s also usual to experience insomnia or trouble sleeping (which makes us more testy) and feeling like we’re in a time warp as if these two months will feel like they’re really six or eight months.

August as the Karmic Catch-Up Month:

Think of every year from August to August as a year of school. When we set up what we want to accomplish in our lives before we come in, the lessons and goals are spaced out, just as learning is spaced out in school. So every year has a specific set of accomplishments that not only take in our personal intentions, but the energy of what’s going on around us.

Our higher selves set up what we’re going to accomplish with regard to self growth, completing karmic contracts, healing the past, facing the future – as if those were the classes in school. So when we get to August every year, if we have done none of the things our higher selves laid out for us, they come to a head, not allowing us to start a new cycle until we face and finish the old. For those who are avoiding facing themselves, it will be like they didn’t learn anything due to stubbornness, resentment or ignorance. Yet they still having to take the final exam. It’s something of nightmares.

Basically, a lot of self-reflection is forced on us in August. With many Piscean Age hold-outs trying to keep the old vibe as the new vibe takes over, they’re fighting themselves and others for their right to stay stuck. Hence, a lot of God-smacking comes into play to get us to be in our truth. The truth of our souls is not always the same as the truth of our physical lives. Many things knock us off track, but August is always there to help us get back to ourselves.

Try to avoid seeing this time as a personal hell or making you a victim, but rather an opportunity to see self with crystal clarity. If we stay in that awareness, the God-smacking is unnecessary, only bothering us because others shove their fear on anybody nearby.

So please:

Understand everyone is being pushed. Other can’t understand you when they’re gong through their own lessons. If you are not being heard, look inward to see why it’s so important that you keep yelling at a brick wall.

Be aware how you’re feeling and gauge that against your normal reactions. All reactions now are notched up to eleven so give yourself and others a break even though you probably won’t want to.

Avoid taking your issues out on others as that causes a ripple effect. When we throw our high emotions on someone else, it not only affects them but then makes them affect others who then affect others and so on. Avoid being the source of difficulty for others even though retaliation can be a prominent reaction to what’s going on.

Face what’s put in front of you because there really is no way to avoid it. The more you deal with your own issues, the less God-smacking needs to be done.

Use protective energetic barriers to keep yourself as unaffected by the chaos of others. We still have to live in the world while we do our inner work, no need to add to the difficulty.

Good luck. Stay sane. Do the personal work. Be aware. Hide if you can.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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