So, we’re in the most challenging karmic catch-up month of any year, in the challenging karmic catch-up year of our lives, with retrogrades swirling around us making us look deeply into ourselves, and planets fighting in the cosmos to bring transformation and enlightenment—even if it seems that transformation and enlightenment comes via a sledgehammer. But no one said changing a mindset that’s lasted at least 2,000 years into another completely different mindset would be easy. So here we are.

The next three weeks, with August energy overlapping into September, are going to be the most challenging of the year as they focus each person on reassessing and rebirthing self. We’ve been getting this “mirror effect” all year, and off and on in doses leading into the beginning of the Aquarian Age. But now we’re in the real push. While the year is a challenge unto itself, these next weeks are about very personal growth.

We need this for the evolution of our species. The Aquarian Age takes us into a vibration that brings equality, communication, and humanity above all. The “me” growing into “we”. That vibration is higher and more refined than we’ve ever been in and it scares people, especially younger souls who are out of their depth. Lifting into that vibe, or becoming self-enlightened or just being “woke”, however we want to put it, is now our immediate focus.

This will be difficult for various reasons, depending on knowledge and confidence of self. For those who have been working on their own enlightenment in any way, even if it’s just being open to let subliminal change seep through, the biggest difficulty comes not from self-work but from those who have not been doing their own enlightenment work and are spewing their fear in extreme ways. If those lost souls are able to make someone else feel as badly as they do, they think it makes them feel better about themselves. It doesn’t but it’s a pattern we’re trying to break.

Those standing in that fear are having the biggest problem with things not happening the way they “should”, living in a primal fear of not knowing where they’re going (not “we’re” going but “they’re” going), and feeling there are no answers. There are answers but their egos stop them from hearing anything they don’t want to hear.

We’re in our own personal Judgment Day, or otherwise understood as Self-Judgment Day, and as well all know, we not only excel at self-judgment, many of us take disappointment in themselves out on others because they can’t see any other way. If we feel we’ve lived the best we could (even if results aren’t what we’d like them to be), are true to ourselves and have any kind of peace within, we’re on the right track. Everyone will be facing something about themselves, but some people have only a little to fine-tune while others have lifetimes’ worth of work to face.

If we want a guideline to give us clarity on how we can face this moment, take the Three Questions I’ve mentioned before.

Do you know who you are?

Do you know why you’re here?

Do you know where you’re going?

These aren’t questions about our physical well being, as if, in answer to the third question we respond, “I’m going to be vice-president of my company”. Missing the point with that. It’s more like:

Who are you in your soul, even if no one else recognizes you?

What is the purpose of you choosing to be reborn at this time and place? Are you here for your own personal growth above all or is your purpose for the good of others or the Earth? There is no wrong answer.

Where does your spiritual enlightenment take you? This is mostly about trust: get to be the best human being you can be to stand on the precipice, trusting the next step is safe and glorious without knowing exactly what it is.

Try to avoid thinking how much we might not be able to understand the depth of these questions. Ask them before you go to sleep and let the answers come without self-judgment.


These work for everyone, no matter what level of self-awareness we’re working on.




The work we’re doing now can be sneaky in that it comes without the neon sign that says “Self-Awareness Work Ahead!” With all the angelic energy helping us, and our higher selves pushing us forward and getting things out of our way, sometimes just relaxing back into trust and knowing we get where we need to be without anxiety is the best way to go.

For 2,000 years, we’ve been living in a punishment and fear-driven mentality, so much so that we don’t think there is another way to experience life. There is and we’re just getting there. It’s been a habit that when we stand in self-judgment, we look at it as “what we haven’t done” (self-accusation) as opposed to “what we have yet to do” (moving in the right direction). We cut straight to beating ourselves up which can frequently go straight to being irritable with self which we can then becomes spewing our negativity on those around us.


Let all the stress and self-accusation and worry and fear go—that’s the best way to deal with self-judgment. Assess, not accuse. I know that’s not easy, but we’re learning that we can get exactly where we need to be without pushing in the Piscean Age “bigger, harder, stronger, faster” mentality that is wearing us out.

We are exactly where we need to be. We have done nothing wrong. Everyone gets back to God, even if they don’t accomplish that in this lifetime. Take a breath and walk into the next three weeks (or hide) seeing the bigger picture and everything works out fine. Let go of how we think we’re going to get to the other side of this year. Stressing about something we have no control over is another version of beating ourselves up.

I wish you all much peace and trust in the weeks ahead.

I offer this with love and gratitude.

One thought on “THE NEXT THREE WEEKS

  • Kay Cash-Smith says:

    I know, I know…this emailing you is becoming a habit! But I can’t help it…I’m just so filled with gratitude for your languaging this complex material in such a way that it’s like a breath of fresh air. I had to say thank you again.
    After all the thrashing about for the past year, I’m actually filled with such a sense of joyful anticipation bc I KNOW (without knowing anything) that I’m participating in the grandest evolution, so far beyond my capacity to imagine that I’m feeling my way in the darkness (which sometimes is just a blinding light!). But I know it it’s grand and a blessing to and from Life itself, and I’m grateful and excited to be doing it!!!
    Your messages continue to buoy me, to reinforce the trajectory I’m on, to help me give attention (not pay attention), and for that I am just grateful, grateful, grateful. May EVERY grace imaginable (and some never before imagined) be yours, my Friend.
    Kay / San Francisco

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