The Moons of June 6/5/201

The Moons of June

Has anyone noticed the energy patterns of the year so far? It’s as if we’re surfing a wave of high-functioning transformational energy. As we become more vibrationally in-tune with the shifts of the Earth, we are balancing ourselves by manifesting and releasing, moving forward in great leaps then slowing down to shed what we no longer need.

Sometimes, after doing a lot of personal spiritual work on one level, leaping to the next level is the only way to clearly see what else needs to be released. By being more vibrationally in-tune we are able to see the leftovers we thought we’d already taken care of.

Moving forward and refining – that’s what this year is all about.

It’s a very positive pattern that doesn’t always seem so. We’re used to thinking if something leaps forward, it will continue to move in that direction. But when we come to the slower release period, it seems we might have mistaken what the forward motion meant, or we didn’t do enough to continue it, or we’re doing something wrong, or, or, or. Frustration mounts, judgment chimes in and before we know it, the leap can be resented as a tease.

But if we know that this is energetically and growth-wise a roller coaster year, we can take advantage of the opportunities it presents, both in consciously moving forward with the leaping energy and just as consciously using the down time to stay on top of the release. We’re coming up to some very powerful shifting opportunities in June so it’s a good time to be aware of and use them.

As we raise our vibrations to balance with the shifting, we become more sensitive to the affects and lessons from our immediate environment, specifically the teaching influences of the solar energy and the moon activity. Planetary influences also have a more profound affect on us than usual (more on the extreme peak of leaping forward and the equally extreme valley of release due to planetary activity occurring in July and August in a later newsletter).

All of the affects and lessons are positive, even though sometimes it takes a changed point-of-view to understand and accept that. All the difficulties of the heightened solar activity in May, if taken from the big picture view instead of how they interrupted our daily patterns, were extremely beneficial in helping us shift. The lunar rhythms do the same.

The Moons of June are exceptional and we can use their energy, and the way we are responding to the shifts they bring, to accomplish great personal growth. Every human who elevates him or herself also elevates all of humanity, the Earth and all life on her. So working toward self-enlightenment and awareness in conjunction with these energies is literally for the good of all.

We have a wonderful New Moon coming on Saturday, June 8th at 8:57 am, and a powerful Full Moon on Sunday, June 23rd at 4:32 am – both Pacific times.

The New Moon is kind of a clean up moon after the three eclipses we just had. It’s like a breath of fresh air after a heavy, violent storm. This will feel lighter without the intensity of the past three moons and make us a little euphoric, as if we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. It’s a good time to put concentration and intention into manifesting, not just spiritual growth but material world goals as well.

On the 23rd comes a supermoon, so called because it will not only be the visibly largest Full Moon of the year, it also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013. Every year there is always one Full Moon that is closer to the Earth, but this year, it is significant. The next time the moon is this close is in November of 2034. Check out for a comparison of the normal Full Moon size with what to expect with the moon on the 23rd.

The supermoon will be the single most important energetic release moon of the year – purging on both conscious and deeply subconscious levels. It can be very overpowering if we don’t know how to stay on top of the energy it brings.

So start by being aware how we react in our daily lives. If we are aware of uncomfortable, over-emotional feelings that come with moon energy, they won’t overwhelm us. The trick is to consciously know there is a reason for feeling a certain emotional way even though we can’t change it. Go with the flow without the judgment that it “shouldn’t” feel this way.

Take time before each moon to gather and prepare ourselves to utilize the power to manifest the positive. Know that the dark time before the New Moon, which normally is very emotional, is for digging deep inside and looking at our true selves. When the New Moon hits in the morning, there will be that euphoria I mentioned. Then as the Full Moon approaches two weeks later, emotions will fluctuate in the extreme. Stay on top of it. Know there is a reason for over-reaction so avoid letting it take over. When it hits full, we will feel the release down to our souls, especially if we harness the energy and use it purposefully.

Utilize the energy of both moons and the time leading up to them by meditating, chanting, creating manifesting/releasing lists, reading inspirational material, dedicating to a path of action, gathering in a group to harness the power through ritual…anything that focuses and concentrates the energy in the direction of our choosing. Feel that direction to the core.

My Drum Circle used the last Full Moon on May 25th to hold a ritual where we brought prepared lists of what we were releasing and what we wanted to manifest (the latter because we hadn’t been able to get together for the manifesting energy of the previous New Moon). We took turns reading first the releasing list then the manifesting list aloud, threw them into our central fire asking the element to give our intentions power. Some of us committed to reading a copy of both lists every day, morning and evening, for 40 days from the 25th to cement the power of the ceremony and the releasing and manifesting energy.

Sidebar: there’s a power to doing something for 40 days in a row without a break. Know if you take this on and lose one day of repetition, you must start at Day One again for the accumulative power to work.

Another thing to be aware of during this time is a heightening of our physical senses, specifically smell and taste. As we transform, our bodies make physical adjustments which is most easily detected by changes in our senses. After the powerful solar activity and moons of May, I noticed that my sense of smell was completely different. Incredibly sensitive but very different. Incense that I loved for years smelled off and wasn’t as soothing as it had once been. At the same time, I was picking up the smell of things that normally wouldn’t be noticed because it was so faint – and most of it on the foul side, like garbage.

Taste was similarly off – food that I loved before didn’t interest me. But both fluctuated – I was more sensitive to things, then I wasn’t at all, because I was adjusting to changes that were going on. And they’re still changing.

So honor what we’re experiencing and know everything that’s happening now helps us, even if it interrupts our daily activity. We’re playing for some big Humankind evolutionary stakes here. Try looking at the big picture when the annoyance factor kicks in, when you or someone around you becomes over-emotional. What we shift into is remembered; what irks in the moment is merely a mirror to show us where our work needs to be focused and will soon be forgotten in our accomplishments.

With love and gratitude…

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