Even though it might feel as if Mercury has been retrograde for months with the way the challenges have been coming at us, the last one of the year really starts on Tuesday, October 13 and ends on Tuesday, November 3, Election Day. That three week period makes communication wonky and we typically avoid buying big ticket items or signing any important documents or having medical procedures if we can help it.

This one, however, has extra special energy attached to it, just as every other event—astrological or otherwise—has had this year, because it’s happening in October with all the other lessons of change hitting us, especially the monumental Mars/Piscean Age male lessons.

This Mercury retrograde brings the normal discombobulation of thought to a peak right when we’re getting into another period of high solar activity (solar flares and sunspots) which disrupts the electromagnetic function of our bodies. So basically with all the other 2020 energy, this is going to take us into the Twilight Zone of Twilight Zones.

That’s a good thing.

It’s a final push to disrupt the logical lines-and-squares thought-process of this ending Piscean Age right when we need to seriously be thinking forward into Aquarian Age sensibilities. And it takes care of a lot of the turmoil about our election for us.

A friend sent me an opinion about the upcoming Mercury retrograde that I’d like to share:

A Mercury retrograde at this time would seem to be like adding gasoline on top of a ton of dynamite. But…here’s my prediction. We know that right-wing elements are trying to sabotage this election in a number of ways. The communications snafus that Merc retro usually causes are going to mess with these efforts.

I don’t think it’ll mess with others any more than usual, but in the service of conscious evolution I do believe—and hereby predict–that the communications/strategies that the conservatives are relying on to mess with this election are gonna go haywire….they’re gonna backfire…’s going to result in blowback.

They’ll still try to cheat beyond November 3, but those efforts will also prove futile.”

Meanwhile, in the world leading up to and after the election and what’s happening for us on a day-to-day basis, the Rule of Three still applies:

Give yourself a break.

Give everyone else a break.

Let it be.

That’s going to be harder than usual over these next three weeks, and probably for a couple of months, even after Mercury goes direct and the pressure is lifted on December 21, because the chaos of the election and the outcome will take quite a while to figure out.

Let the October energy of 2020 guide us through without fighting it, thinking it shouldn’t be happening or being afraid of it. Let ourselves feel discombobulated. It’s like going on an altered substance trip or high vibration meditation—it takes us out of ourselves and gives us a revelation.

Enjoy the ride. It might seem uncomfortable, but what doesn’t these days? We’re waiting to click into the comfort of disruption. It happens anyway. It’s just easier if we let it.

Happy Mercury retrograde! May it shake us up like nothing else has!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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