I previously mentioned that we’re in a retrograde-free time…well, not exactly. Uranus is still retrograde at this moment. It will move direct on January 6 (instead of going retrograde on January 6, as I mistakenly reported). However, many do not consider the outer planets when reporting retrograde activity as their slow movement brings deep, gradual, societal influence rather than personal challenge and upheaval.

Whether we consider ourselves retro-free from December 6, 2018 or from January 6, 2019, we’re still in a time of optimism and high energy (especially during the holidays) until March 5 when Mercury takes its first retrograde journey of the new year.

Just wanted to clear that up. I claim brain fog and the end of our last Mercury retrograde of 2018 for my error. Argh! and apologies.


People have been looking forward to the new year since the summer. We’re finally getting close. While I will be posting more about 2019 when we start it, here’s some info that might be helpful. First up are some quotes from Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s new book: “THE ASTROLOGY OF 2019: BIRTHING YOUR INNER CHILD”. As I have already bought several copies (for me and for gifts), and read what he has to say, I can highly recommend it. Gahl writes:

In numerology, 2018 adds up to 11, a master number, as well as to 2, the number of pregnancy. One can argue that 2018 was a prenatal year, a painful year for many of us, a difficult pregnancy for some. A great deal of morning sickness and confusion took place in 2018 especially around the eclipses, January, February, July, and August. 2019 is the year when the baby is being born. I cannot promise you an easy birthing. It might be a long labor. You will have to breathe deeply and maybe scream a little, but rest assured, you are pregnant with your Self.

In 2019, you will have to exercise a great deal of discipline and endurance. The reason is that the sign Capricorn steals the cosmic stage. This year we have Pluto, Saturn, and some of the eclipses all converging in Capricorn, a sign that favors focus and strategy. In December, Jupiter will also join the Capricorn gang. The combination of Saturn (ruler of discipline and restriction) in Capricorn (sign of maturity and cautiousness) with Jupiter (luck and expansion) in Sagittarius (sign of opportunities and optimism), means that 2019 is a roller coaster. It orbits around words like inflation, devaluation, changing interest rates, savings, bubbles bursting, and a great deal of ups and downs both emotionally and financially.

2019 is the year you give birth to your inner child. Conception took place in 2017; gestation during 2018; and in the year 2019, you will give light to your true self. You will be asked to be nurturing and practice compassion towards your new self and, just as a mother must love her newborn unconditionally, so must you raise yourself with loving-kindness.

2019 is an interesting year. Many planets return home to their signs and therefore they will be able to shine without obstruction. It is like planting native plants in their place of origin. We already have Neptune in Pisces since 2012, Saturn in Capricorn since December 2017, and from November 2018, Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is actually very good. The transit of Jupiter, the planet of fortune and benevolence, in Sagittarius is especially auspicious. This aspect brings luck, synchronicities, flow, expansion, as well as opportunities in travel and education.

In 2019 you will experience a great deal of oppositions. On one side, 2019 asks us to focus on family, parenting, and building a nest. On the other side, it bids us to pay extra attention to our career and professional life. 2019 also pits luck, opportunities, and fortune against delays, challenges, and discipline. Is 2019 a lucky year that jinxed? A good or bad year? You should get used to feeling great and terrible at the same time. We can call 2019 a manic-depressive year and we will have to learn how to find balance and integrate oppositions.

Remember, you are magic and astrology is your wand. Magic is defined as a transformative intention bound by space and time. Your soul is a transformative intention. In many mystical traditions, your soul is viewed as a thought of the creator. The binding of space and time that allows your soul’s transformation and, therefore, the magic, is your time and place of birth. This book can help you use the magic wand of astrology to navigate the year.

I wish you, your loved ones, friends, and pets a happy and healthy year full of abundance, creativity, love, and adventures. It is a wonderful thing to be a human and we are fortunate to have reincarnated during this era at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the age of awareness.

Check out the full post on his site under “Sections” in the drop-down menu, then under “Newsletter Archives”. In this post, he offers “a little taste of what are the lessons for each sign”, so each of us can get more info on what’s expected for us personally.

As 2018 was the year of inner recognition and growth (or the refusal of), in 2019 those who did their inner work will be moving forward while those who refused will lack their accustomed influence. This will most prominently be seen in the political arena but it will also be present in our day-to-day lives. The energy is about moving forward and those or us who can’t do that because of choices we made this year will be up against the same lessons we were supposed to learn this year but the lessons will be harder and harder the more they are ignored.

The discrepancy between the “good of all” vs. the “good of self” will become less and less pronounced as we get through the year. It’s like 2019 year is an arm-wrestling competition between self-awareness vs. self-survival except those choosing self-survival (at the expense of everyone else) will have the entire vibration of the planet and the energy of humankind and Aquarian Age growth opposite them.

Take heart. It will be a fresh start while we’re still continuing an awakening that’s been a long time coming. I believe a lot of monumental change that sloughs off the old will happen in the first four to six months of the year. Enjoy the holidays and prepare for a year of change unlike any we’ve encountered.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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