We’ve got some pretty heavy stuff coming this week, as if we haven’t already been in the middle of it during the last two months.

On Wednesday, March 20, our Super Full Moon coincides with the Vernal Equinox, which coincides with the beginning of Aries (the start of Spring, which in some cultures is the start of a New Year), while we are finally completing the Karmic Catch-Up energy of 2018 (revisiting us compliments of the current Mercury retrograde), and starting the accelerated growth spurt of Fast and Furious 2019.

And we have the Sun helping us receive these shifts by spewing forth electromagnetic energy in unusually high levels to discombobulate us enough so the new energies can do their work on our DNA, lifting us into a higher level of ourselves, physically and spiritually.

That’s a lot of stuff.

While we will be out of the Mercury retrograde-driven “look-back” at our challenges and growth of 2018 on March 28, and can’t really start to take advantage of the synchronicity and serendipity of 2019 until we get into April. Still, this Wednesday brings huge relief and release in deep subconscious, subliminal and vibratory ways that have rarely been felt before.

These last two weeks were really hard for most of us. Concentration was off, memory was bad, senses were dull with spikes of super-sensitivity (too bright, too loud, too smelly). “Intake”, like listening or reading or watching TV, was off – retaining what we had heard, read or saw was like water flowing through a sieve. Without knowing why that was happening, we got into depression and self-judgment which brought up issues of not being enough or not belonging. That brought in feelings of not wanting to be here anymore – not of suicide, but of just being so tired and overwhelmed, we want all of “it” over.

I also experienced instances similar to the shifts leading up to the monumental December 21, 2012 changes. At unexpected times this last week, I felt suddenly light-headed with blurred vision and a split-second loss of awareness of reality, which was really “altered-reality” cool. I experienced different perceptions of time, as in the opening credits of a favorite TV show going by really fast and other similarly fixed situations happening very slowly. Had I not gone through the 2012 shift, I would have thought I was having a stroke; or if not living in Austin, was in the middle of the earthquake.

What’s happening with this energy can seem like a sledgehammer beating us into the ground. With higher vibes in play, we’d think this would be easier. It isn’t for one simple reason – we all have to “get it”. Those who are sensitive and have been feeling energy shifts all along only need a small silver hammer to tap us on the head to open us up to this accelerated growth. Unfortunately, with so many lost young souls on the planet needing a sledgehammer to get their attention, we all get hit with that sledgehammer. While it pulverizes some of us, it can barely scratch the surface with those who choose to be stuck.

But we’re all in this together, even if we feel we’d like to shake others into awareness because their stubborn selfishness is affecting everyone, including all life and the Earth.

The problem for young souls is that, during the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age, we had various religions to show us how to behave, relate to each other, and to Creator. Now, in the Aquarian Age, there is no template, no instruction manual, as it needs to be written by each individual. It’s the same lesson for all of us: the same connection to self, to each other and to Creator – but how each of us comes to it has to be different. Then each different awareness feeds into the whole of humanity. By knowing who we are and how we fit with each other, we lift everyone and everything to a higher vibe.

In confidence scams, there’s a thing called the Long Game or the Long Con, where a payoff can take years of preparation and activation, but the result is considered worth it. We are at the end of a Long Enlightenment Game. With the intensity of the shifts we’ve been going through these last two months, we can feel the energy ramping up to explode us into awareness and evolutionary growth as we move further into the new paradigm of the Aquarian Age. Get ready for that explosion to start this week on the Equinox.

We’ve been working on this step up for at least 2,000 years. Yet we don’t always see things in a bigger-picture way. It will help us get through this shift if we can. Normally, we look at the passage of time as it relates to us and our lives, i.e., what we have to do day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and sometimes if we think “long term”, year-to-year. But mostly, we live in the immediate (which is not the same as living in Ekhart Tolle’s now). I don’t think anyone would be surprised to know that most of us think history started when we were born, or in our first few years when we became aware there was a world around us. Before that, history is only important in the classroom to get a grade.

However, as the Aquarian Age connects us with our Higher Selves, our place with others and in the universe, it automatically takes us out of the “immediate” if we let it. If we can see an arc of growth over not a ten year span but a whole lifetime, we’re starting to get the picture. We’re being taught through these energetic upgrades to see that our behavior from this life can be dictated by past lives not just our current-life childhood. That’s the beginning of “connection to all”.

We’ve got a micro/macro-cosm thing happening now. We need to be able to see our “immediate” at the same time we see how that fits into the bigger picture. Try looking at where we are now, what we’re experiencing now, the difficulties “in our face” in perspective of multiple lifetimes, of Seven Generations, of arcs of past lives, of a 2,000-year long Age, a 5,125-year long Day of Mankind and, if we can manage it, the 26,000 year journey that has gotten us to this upgrade into humanity. Then, if we want to really get trippy, think from the beginning of time to the end of time.

From a post by #oracleofyoursoul Lynnette Duncan on Sunday:

“The Equinox portal beckons and is rich and ripe with creative potential. We will likely really notice the effects of this energy after the Equinox has passed, so just be in these energies and ride them out. Move into visualization and meditation. Stay grounded…bare feet on ground as much as possible. Be open to guidance and messages from Higher Self coming forward. This is major acceleration and enlightenment.”

I offer this with love and gratitude and fortitude…
P.S.  Lizzie is doing much better – thank you all who sent healing and loving energy her way.

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