Here’s a wealth of information on the last Mercury retrograde of 2017. It completes the cycle of four Mercury retrogrades in one year (which we’ve had for the last several years during the beginning of our intense transformation) so next, year, we’re back to only three!

This is from Gahl Sasson, Master Astrologer, all around Mage and Wise Man (the last two are my titles for him, not his). He gives us a list of days that are helpful and those that are dangerous, to help us get through this holiday season in the best way possible.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

Gahl says:

Mercury Retro Dec 2 to 23
Mercury, the planet of communications, business, the Nervous System, contracts, and all forms of connections, links, ties, and trade, will be in retrograde motion between December 2 to 23. It is ill-advised to start any projects in these dates, sign documents, begin partnerships or do anything you want to last longer than a few weeks. Life does not stop on Mercury retrograde but it sure slows down. If you must sign a document or start a new endeavor, be extra careful and vigil. Yes, it is possible to move the energy in Mercury retrograde but the gravitational forces are heavier. It is harder to fly.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius
The retrograde motion in this cycle will take place in Sagittarius, therefore, the centaurs among us will find it a bit more difficult to explain themselves and or understand us. Since Mercury does not like being in Sagittarius, the retrograde can be a bit more difficult especially if you plan to travel or if you work with mass-media, TV, internet, publishing, multi-national companies or foreign cultures. You can also expect a great deal of misunderstanding and miscommunication on the world-stage as Mercury can block communication between people of different cultures or backgrounds. Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces might also feel more challenged compared to other signs in this retro period.

In addition, Mercury is retrograding very close to Saturn, the Lord of Karma. This will be strongest in the first week of the Mercury Retrograde and peaking December 5 to 7. Expect some miscommunication with figures of authorities, bosses, superiors. You can also expect your own communication coming across over-authoritative. Karma, or reaction to actions you took in past lives or in the past of this life might surface. Maybe something you wrote or said will come back to be fixed or resolved. It could also manifest as contacts or people you might have some unresolved karma with coming back into your life. 

Mercury Liminal Qualities
Mercury is associated with boundaries, thresholds, and uncharted territories. He is the messenger of the gods who could travel freely to Olympus (higher-self) and Hades (subconscious/shadow). He had no boundaries. He could talk to the dead and the living, the unborn and the undead. He is associated with synchronicities and coincidences. Therefore, the next three weeks will be filled with synchronicities and serendipities. Doors that have been closed will be opened. It is as if you are getting a visa to travel to places you could not before. It is a great time to manifest wishes and make dreams come true.

Important Dates

December 3:  Full moon in Gemini. Mercury Stationary. This weekend is full of lunatic chaotic energy. Take heed. The moon is in Gemini, the sign of Mercury and the Mercurian headquarter is closed for repairs. Your natural tendency would be to do things fast but actually time is not on your side.

December 5:  The Moon in Cancer joins Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces for a beautiful pyramid of water. It represent a mystical opening, flow with home and family, meditation, yoga, movement and dreams.

December 5 to 7:  Saturn conjunct Mercury. Not the best time for shopping or making purchases. This is the most difficult time during the retrograde so please be mindful.

December 12:  First light of Hanukkah. A day representing the emergence of light.

December 12 to 13:  The Sun and Mercury conjunct. Ideas, connections, words shine on the earth. You will feel connected even if Mercury is retrograde.

December 13:  The moon in Scorpio is caged with Mars and Jupiter. A great deal of transformation. Great day for therapy, healing as well as working on a production or a joint artistic project.

December 17:  New Moon in Sagittarius and a Sagittarius stellium: Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are all in Sagittarius. A great deal of truth, teaching and wisdom is downloaded. A new cycle of study and knowledge is beginning.

December 20:  Great news for Sagittarius, Saturn is leaving your sign! Saturn was there since end of 2014 trying to teach you everything you always refused to learn. Now Saturn moves into his own sign, Capricorn and on that we will speak in a future email.

December 21:  Happy Winter/Summer Solstice. Today is the longest night (Northern Hemisphere) or day (Southern Hemisphere). It is a day when the goddess delivers the god of light. Hope and renewal!

December 22 to 23:  Mercury Stationary. Take heed since even though Mercury is no longer retrograde, he is frozen and this can be the hardest days for some people.

December 24:  You can now sign whatever you want.

December 25: Happy Christmas! Happy Yule!

Have a great end of the year and I hope to see you in person somewhere in the world. In the next few months I will be in Sofia, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, London, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona and Los Angeles so say hello if you are around these coordinates.


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