How was last week for everyone? We went from the hardest energy of the year to a lifting of the eighteen-month-long pressure within two days. It was hard because there was no way to put a finger on it. It was all about the “feels” and how uncomfortable we can get facing our own emotions or blockages. If something concrete had happened for a concrete reason, we would have had experience solving, or at least knowing, what it was. We’re still getting used to the New Age shift into emotions, vibrations and energy being our new normal, just as the 3D world has been for the last 2,000 years (at least). New dimensions are the new normal.

Then the lifting that came with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Wednesday/Thursday brought the easier energy. But after all we’ve been through with the challenges of this year and last, how could we trust it? We can, but we’ll have to get used to that uplifting feeling like everything else coming in new this year. We have no instruction manual for it. It’s up to us to trust our Inner Voice, sometimes called our gut instinct or heightened awareness (which is going to progress off the charts from now on so start listening and feeling with different senses—ones that we’ve always had but haven’t been required to use).

We can also notice that while things might be better for many, they are definitely not better for all. There is a very wide and discernible division between those who are in the Aquarian Age vibration and those who have chosen not to join the club. This summer is going to be an uplifting and a “We’re Out Of The Woods” time with all the dancing and singing and joy we can imagine for those who have embraced moving forward. Yet for those who are stuck, every bit of joy experienced by others will only burn them and their rabid insistence we stick in the old vibration (for their own benefit).

We’ll see that rabid fear more frequently with increasingly strong freak-outs and bullying behavior from those we can already recognize as staying in the past. They can do damage before things shift more completely into the higher vibe, on a personal level and on a national or world level. But as every soul on this planet has worth, even though there are those who are so damaging it’s hard to see it, the path we’re on is of enlightenment. It is available even for those who will not put any of those lessons into play in this lifetime (young souls have a hard time admitting they’re wrong or learning something, so they store the info for a later time, like the next life, when it can seem like “their idea”).


Meanwhile, with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse last week, many of us also passed a significant milestone. I call it The Karmic Dateline (like the International Dateline, only energetic). For those who have being doing their personal revelatory work, whether or not they’re aware of it (and, yes, we can do the work without being conscious of it), last Wednesday/Thursday completed a journey of the karma each one of us carries and had agreed to before we came into this life.

The majority of what we released or completed last week has to do with the karma involving things outside us: making things right with another individual, finishing a series of bad-luck incidents, failing to find the “right one” (i.e., finishing a journey with people who we agreed to be in a relationship with who never held up their part of the karmic agreement). What our karma now involves is our own personal growth to be the best we can be, to become fully “human” in a New Age of heightened awareness.

This can feel like we’ve been pushing a karmic boulder up a hill all our lives, no matter how old we are at this point of transition. Now we’re at the top with the boulder perfectly balanced between what was and what will be. We’re standing on the top of that hill, the boulder beside us, surveying our future. We can’t really see anything too clearly—yet—because we’re getting used to using our new Aquarian Age eyes—seeing in color instead of the Piscean Age black and white. And that can stop us from moving forward. But that’s okay. This isn’t a race, it’s an experience.

There’s trepidation and some fear because it’s all new, it’s an unknown. What we need to do now is trust ourselves, our Inner Voice, and the Guides, Angels and Ancestors always guiding us (and they’re very active right now). We’ve not faced an unknown like this in many, many lifetimes so it can feel intimidating. It’s hard to trust that our lives can get better without us making that happen (remember, we’re out of the “Bigger, Harder, Stronger, Faster” mentality of the Piscean Age and into the “Let Go, Let God/dess” of the Aquarian Age).

But what helps us face this unknown is our psychic selves waking up and developing naturally and automatically. And us trusting that. There’s no rush for us to run down the hill. So right now, that translates into taking our time getting used to this new vibe and specifically, watch how much we can feel guilty or pushed by that “Bigger, Harder, Stronger, Faster” energy that won’t do us any good now.

Divine Timing is at play. Serendipity Happens (rather that Shit Happens) is the new name of the game. That means all we have to do is be in our moment and let whatever is coming for us (that we’ve already programmed) just come. When we’re ready (not feel we should be ready but when our gut tells us we are), one finger on the backside of the boulder exerting the tiniest bit of pressure gets it rolling down the hill, cutting a path for us to do and be exactly what we are meant to do and be.

Our souls are ready for this. Our Aquarian Age selves are really ready for this. But it’s hard to not live in the PTSD of the last year and a half to let ourselves feel the clean slate we’ve got now.

Try to stop anticipating a repeat of hard and traumatic things we’ve already experienced. They do not repeat. We’ll be looking for them to protect ourselves. But as we’ve passed the Karmic Dateline, we’re in our own Brave New World with a completely different vibration and a completely different pattern to our lives.

Trust. That’s all we need to do. And catch ourselves unconsciously reliving the old mentality that no longer serves a purpose. We’ve not just had this lifetime, but 2,000 years of training to think in fear so that might not be easy. But the excitement we feel of what’s coming, whether or not we trust it, can take us along in its wake. The truth is we trust it automatically but we’ve been so beaten up, we have to learn to trust it and ourselves again.

So pull an Eckhart Tolle. Be in the Power of Now! Each of us has accomplished great things on an individual basis to get us to this point. Once we feel comfortable in moving forward, each one of us participates in getting great things accomplished for all of us.

Wishing you the most enlightened and happiest summer you’ve ever had. It won’t be anywhere near as hard as we think. “Hard” is Piscean Age and we’re done with that. Let things flow. We’ve got this. We can’t miss it!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

For your viewing pleasure…

In case you didn’t see Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda last week announcing that Broadway is re-opening in September, please do (catch it on YouTube). Having spent my time on stage, both acting and directing, I was in tears of joy. The energy of our own creativity is going to blow our minds. And that’s such a good thing. We need that creativity and spirituality to balance out the logic from 2,000 years of lines-and-square logic. Enjoy!



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