The Jump Into Autumn

Even though autumn doesn’t start until September 23, be ready for some positive changes when it does. Once we complete the long, exhausting and intense three months of The Summer of Looking-Inward, we step into some bright energy of a new season.

What’s been going on:

Every once in a while, the lessons we get in awakening and adapting to the New Age culminate in a time of quiet for us to assimilate all we have absorbed. It’s as if we’ve been downloaded new programs in recent years and are now in “install” mode. Summer has been and is that time. With our societal rhythm always pushing us to do more, or at least keep up (get a better job, more money, happier relationship), taking that down-time goes against our grain. It makes accomplishing anything except self-awareness very difficult. That energy started in June and we could deal with that pretty well in the beginning.

Then we got into August, the most difficult month of the year every year. It started with five out of eight planets retrograde, although Saturn went direct almost immediately on August 1. Still, that set us up for a different, more intense level of looking-inward. The most prominent planet affecting us day-to-day was and is Venus, making us contemplate our relationships, past and present, and what we bring/brought to them. It also makes us re-examine money, how much we have/don’t have, how we handle it and our concepts of what we believe about its importance.

Added to that is the end of a three year arc of Saturn (the planet of structure and boundaries) being in Scorpio (the sign of deep emotions, intuition and the understanding of life and death). Even though this mostly affects those born in Scorpio, almost everyone has something prominent in Scorpio in their charts so almost everyone is affected. It’s as if we’ve been in a dark cave for the past three years having to contemplate our navels to reach a higher awareness and a lot of us still don’t consciously understand. (No worries about that – some of what we’re assimilating now isn’t revealed right away in our conscious minds, but we get it all at some point even if it takes months or years.)

As we get closer to the end of the Venus retrograde (on September 6), Saturn moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius (on September 17) and the Summer of Looking-Inward (on September 23), everything gets more intense before it releases. It always does as we finish this kind of work.

So if, over the last few weeks of summer, it feels as if we’re moving through molasses that gets thicker and thicker as the days progress, be aware this is a larger energy at work. Sometimes when we don’t understand the depths of what we’re working on spiritually and energetically, we transfer that misunderstanding to fear, self-judgment that we’re doing something wrong or we blame others for things not working. We’re still in that looking-inward energy until it all clears.

I made an analogy in June about thinking of this time as a long airplane ride that takes us from the beginning of summer to the end. Not a lot of change happens physically during these three months as it wouldn’t if we were in flight. It’s all inner work. As we “sit on the plane”, all we can do is concentrate on self while being aware of others, how we affect them, how they affect us. The plane being a microcosm to the world’s macrocosm.

But right now and for the next couple of weeks, we’re still on that freaking plane. And as would happen coming to the end of a long ride, we’re pretty irritable and tired of not being able to move, of having to be in our own thoughts and of having to protect ourselves from the energy of others who are just as irritable as we are. We’re overdone and sweaty and short-tempered and need to stretch our legs. We’re all screaming: “Stop with the restriction and let us get on with our lives!”

And in a couple of weeks, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. We’re getting off the plane and jumping into an autumn that gives us freedom, forward motion and the ability to run – physically, mentally and spiritually. Accomplishing our goals becomes doable rather than frustratingly conceptual. We’re coming out of three years in the cave and seeing the world in color with fresh air, green fields and the desire and opportunity to get on a horse or in a fast car and speed forward on a new journey and adventure.

One little caveat: Mercury goes retrograde on September 17 just as Saturn makes its move into Sagittarius. Don’t groan. I believe this final Mercury challenge of the year will be far easier than the last one. It will be more cleaning up the leftover dust bunnies of summer rather than pulverizing us with hard lessons. It goes direct on October 9, just in time to do early prep for having stupid fun over the holidays.

So watch being irritable for no apparent reason until summer is over. Be very conscious of the mirror effect – that we draw to us what we need to face within by having others show it to us in their behavior. We’re still in assimilation time so embrace it rather than fight it. Be self-aware even if we don’t like what we see.

Also, be aware that in coming out of this time we are different. How we look at our inner-selves, those around us and our paths is different. People who have been important to us, even up to the last days of all these changes, are different. How we perceive them is different. Relationships, especially romantic ones, have been deeply challenged. If they survived the Venus retrograde, they feel different.

This change of energy in autumn is our next step forward. We will have assimilated the lessons of the past three years on all levels and be ready to tackle new growth. We’re graduating with this shift, as if from one challenging grade to the next. And as all grades are easier when we start them, this energy in autumn will also be easier. So take advantage of it and revel in our graduation party.

And get on that freaking horse or in that freaking fast car and take that freaking journey that we so deserve. We’ve freaking earned it.

With love and gratitude…

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