As we move further into this Aquarian Age vibration, we become more and more sensitive to the energetic changes around us. These changes have always been there, but now we can feel them so much more. The Full Moon has always made people crazy. It’s where the word “lunacy” came from. But as we get more in-tuned with the vibes of the New Age, planetary and solar activity, the emotions and issues of others (including the Earth and all life on her), we can become confused with our seemingly out-of-the blue reactions to things we aren’t consciously perceiving. We self-judge our reactions instead of rooting out their origins.

So here’s the great Master Astrologer, Gahl Sasson’s information on what’s coming up for us astrologically in the immediate future. It’s very helpful to write this stuff down on a calendar so we won’t have to wonder why we suddenly feel frustration, anger, resentment, impatience, or even joy and bursts of unconditional love. It is all connected. The more we pay attention to what we’re feeling when unusual reactions hit us (and how those reactions affects us and others), and understand their correlation to events outside of self, the more we become aware of the shifts we’re experiencing. Then we aren’t fighting the shifts but moving with them.

Change isn’t necessarily comfortable, like what’s happening to/for us this year. But it is inevitable. We all agreed to it. And it brings a magnificent outcome. Pay attention and see.

From Gahl Sasson:

In the ancient Roman calendar, March, Martius, was the first month of the year. The Ides of March, corresponding to March 15th, was most likely, the new year. It is a mythologically and astrologically correct time to start the year. After all, Nowruz, the ancient Persian new year, is celebrated on March 21, spring equinox. Another example is the biblical new year, celebrated on the new moon in Aries, that usually falls at the end of March.

The Ides of March 2018 is loaded with a great deal of astrological activity:

Jupiter Retro: March 7 – July 12
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, fortune, wealth and opportunities. When he retrogrades, we can experience the belt tightening. There is less flow with finance (terrible time for trade tariffs war), there is less sense of security and abundance. There is a general feeling that resources are limited and we have to fight to survive. Jupiter does continue to generate opportunities and expansion, but it might not be evident until after July 12. It is, however, a good time for diets, for cutting expenses, and getting rid of gluttony or any excessive behavior in your life.

New Moon in Pisces: March 17
This wonderfully imaginative and mystical new moon brings you closer to your intuition, your spiritual path and your creativity. If you ever needed answers from the universe about anything (relationships, health, finance) you can use March 16-19 for what is called Dream Quest. This technique of getting answers from your dreams has been used in many different cultures. You need to meditate just before you go to sleep about an issue in your life and ask your dreams to give you an answer or insight. Do it for a few nights around the new moon and make sure to write whatever impressions you get in the morning. Don’t be lazy (the dark side of Pisces). I have used this system many times and it is a great way to communicate with your subconscious.

Since the new moon also conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer, you might feel vulnerable and raw. Old wounds and childhood issues may resurrect. It is a great time for a healing session, a yoga class, a good massage, acupuncture, or deep meditation. Overall, Pisces is the sign of poetry, dreams, dance, meditation, and mysticism and all these aspects of life will be pushed to the front. Alas, since Pisces is also addiction, self-destruction, and escapism, you might experience those as well.

Equinox, March 20
On the first day of Aries, March 20, when the day and night are equal, we start the zodiac wheel and the astrological year begins. In other words, happy New Year! If you want to redo your new year’s resolution, today is the day to reboot or start anew. It is also the Zoroastrian new year (Nowruz) which means, new-day.

People often ask me what unites all religions, or what is the commonality thread? The answer is obvious – astrology. First were the star-gazers that lead to what we know of astrology (star-reason), then came the mythology behind the movement of the stars, and finally religion. That is why pagan, Zoroastrian, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. all practiced astrology. I believe the fascination with the heaven started when we began to walk on two legs. Bipedalism afforded us the ability to easily watch the vastness of the heavens and see the moving planets on the backdrop of the fixed stars and constellations.

Passover is celebrated on the full moon in Libra, the first sun/moon opposition of the astrological year. The pagan barley festivities were celebrated on the equinox, the first day of Aries. Christmas is winter solstice; the Buddha was born, enlightened, and died, on the full moon in May; the Ramadan is celebrated on the 9th lunar month.

On the equinox, focus on starting something new in your life. Dedicate the astrological year to push a new project, spring into life and light the match which is the symbol of Aries.

Mercury Retrograde, March 22 – April 15
Alas, we are back to going backwards. Mercury is retrograde in Aries, an explosive sign of fire. Take heed and watch what you say, write, text, post, or sign. It is not a good time to start any projects or partnerships. Avoid making big purchases if possible or surgeries unless you must.

March 30 – Full Moon in Libra and Passover
Passover, as we saw above, falls on the full moon in Libra. According to Kabbalah and Jewish mystics, this full moon is a celestial vortex, the best day of the year to liberate yourself from the clutches of your ego, old patterns, or outdated identities. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is over! Slavery to the cold is done with. A time to resurrect, to bud, to reconnect to your higher-self.

The story of Exodus is viewed as a metaphor to your ability to find yourself liberated from whatever confines you. It is the day you can begin your journey to your “Promised-Land” and happiness. You don’t have to be Jewish to celebrate Passover or enjoy this opening. Take your friends or family to a nice dinner and share what has abused you or caused you pain in the last year. Then find your inner Moses, your miracle-working wizard, your agent of change that can give you the power to liberate yourself and reach your potential.

April 1 – The Fool’s Day and Easter
What a wonderful synchronicity! We celebrate the day of the joker at the same day we honor the goddess ?ostre, as well as the resurrection of Christ. The theme of the holidays, no matter their religion, is resurrection, renewal, liberation and hope. April 1st is associated with the Tarot card, the Fool. Fool comes from Latin, follis, meaning ” bellows” or “bag of air.”

It represent absolute potential. The same way that the playing card, Joker, can become any card, so does the Fool. The card is associated with Alef, the first Hebrew letter, which interestingly, is the letter symbolizing air (Avir in Hebrew). The Fool is the thought before it is trapped by the word. Today, even if you are not Christian, you can celebrate the feminine divine, as well as the green creative energies of the Fool. Today too, you can sow a seed. Try to think about one word, one thought, that can best describe what you wish for yourself the next four season. Do the same to your friends and family. Help them consolidate their wishes into one word. One word that can be the Easter Egg for you. A word or a thought that can fill in the gap of “Let there be ——.”   

Wishing you a great Ides or March. Much love and happy healthy life,

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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