I was out shopping yesterday and saw, in three different stores and in two of the catalogs I get, Halloween displays, from ceramic pumpkins to decorations and witches’ hats to Halloween-related cat toys. In mid-August!

I can understand – to a certain extent – the catalog, as it involves shipping and mailing. But I don’t remember a year when the preparation for Halloween was this early. Usually the weather has to change a little so at least we get into the feel of it. Yet it’s still triple-digit hot in Texas, so it seems way too early for the holiday hawking to commence.

And, based on past years, this is just a precursor to what’s coming for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I’ve written of this before in my “Beware of Christmas!” post a couple of years ago, of the energy of demand and need to celebrate that is creeping up the calendar more and more. While this doesn’t necessarily seem a desperate action – just marketers being strategic – this time it’s really a reflection of how difficult the year has been with all this looking-inward and the subsequent need for RELEASE! It’s also indicative of how much we’ve grown.

As I’ve written before, I think this reflects a deeper issue than just greedy marketing. It presents as fear and desperation – for both marketers and the consuming public – because of all the inner changes demanded of us that make us look at everything differently. Especially this year. Especially this summer.

As we progress further into the Aquarian Age awakening of our power-within, the lessons this summer have been more about releasing the past, letting go of what doesn’t fit anymore, rather than adapting to the new way. We’ve had a lot of adapting in the past years. Now that we’ve gotten to new levels of vibration, we are forced to release the old so we can really step into the new.

This is the pattern of how things usually go. While still surrounded by the comfort of the past, we stretch and grow into the new. When tentatively standing in the new, we then “take off the clothing of the past”, which is heavy-laden with old beliefs. Now free and fresh to accept wholeheartedly what’s available, we step forward into the new, finally able to stand in true harmony because we are no longer held back.

Obviously, this isn’t the end of change for us on our Aquarian Age journey. We’re still in the middle of a 16 year transition. So this first-step-forward / release-the-past / move-into-true-acceptance will happen again and again, one level after another. It’s the microcosm of our daily awakening and adapting to the macrocosm of humankind’s evolution.

But back to the marketing aspect. This early holiday hawking is a sign of our changing perception. And a sign that fear has been more addressed by the individuals than by the stores.

One of the aspects of this Year of the Wood Goat/Sheep in Chinese astrology is the ease of spending. This brings in the need to be careful to avoid overspending because we will want to do it. That feel is coming smack up against a consciousness shift.

One of the major shifts of the Piscean Age going into the Aquarian Age is how we look at money. Previously it has been understood that money is a commodity – the more we have, the more important and safe we are (and the more fear that we aren’t important or safe if we don’t have enough). The “Us vs. Them” mentality. The Aquarian Age thinking is that money is energy that flows, which takes away the fear that there is never enough. The “We Are All Part of Each Other and In It Together” mentality.

The “money is energy that flows” understanding is not what our current economy is based on. When there is any shift in that concept, things get freaky and fearful before the system can right itself. As we’re in the process of shifting but not there yet, things are freaky and fearful more for those who sell while they’re getting less for those who buy.

We’re stepping into some wonderful, clean, brand new energy in mid-September, just in time for Fall (starting on September 23). I believe we’ll feel uplifted and certainly less oppressed with the completion of our Summer of Looking. Because, on the whole, I feel there are far more of us who are getting the awareness now than there have been in past years. And the separation between those who are getting it and those who are not is clearer now than ever before.

So as we get bombarded by early holiday enticement to spend, spend, spend, take a moment to reflect on how you feel about that. The concept of money doesn’t change with those who sell. It changes in how the individuals buy. The whole chain reaction begins in our grassroots, with each of us understanding what is important and what isn’t. Our economy will survive. It will be different. But isn’t it time for that anyway?

The holidays are always important times for us to celebrate, gather and bond with people (or realize who we no longer need in our lives). And to be grateful for what we have rather than being miserably aware of what we don’t.

Enjoy them all but also be aware the more we are blanketed with anticipation from early exposure of what’s coming, the more we may OD on the event (or holiday) itself by the time we get there.

With love and gratitude…

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