My father was in physical education with the YMCA all his life. He was the exercise guy, the sports guy, the team guy, the push-to-the-limit guy. He loved it. After he finished leading a workout and everyone’s muscles were sore, he’d say that soreness was a Good Hurt. The workout uplifted the body, got blood circulating, improved lung capacity, made everyone more agile, stronger, and feeling better about themselves…even though their muscles were really sore.

A Good Hurt came to me to mean experiencing something difficult, which could be painful, to get to a greater, satisfying, and rewarding outcome that made the physical, emotional and spiritual effort worth it. Women experience this when giving birth. Those who participate in the modern medical profession sometimes experience this when getting testing or treatment that is intended to lead to healing.

We’re in that time of living in a Good Hurt. What we’re experiencing on a physical, emotional, spiritual, and transformational level is hard, painful, and scary. It wears us out. It pushes us beyond our limits every day. It makes us sore on all seven levels of our existence (three physical, four spiritual/energetic). And it doesn’t seem to stop, especially when we want it to. It’s like we’re training for the Olympics and can’t take a breath or a break because there’s a time limit to get ourselves ready.

It also makes us stronger within ourselves. It makes us better team players in our homes, communities, nations and in our world. It makes us flexible in our adaptability to embrace the new vibe. Every day, our training of facing what’s happening in front of us and out in the world ekes us step by step into a new awareness. The Aquarian Age vibration can’t be achieved without us changing to adapt to its energy. If we feel the Good Hurt, we know we’re doing the work and are participating, not hiding and avoiding.

Energetic changes are happening now through the end of the year in what seems to us a very chaotic way. We’re leveling up ten degrees one day, then two hours later, another sixty degrees; then it’s quiet for three days then we level up forty, fifty, and sixty degrees in three steps over mere minutes. There is no logical pattern here so we can’t get used to it. It throws us off. It is chaos. But remember, chaos is order on a higher level that we have yet to understand.

We may not always be able to maintain the awareness that what we’re experiencing is a Good Hurt because our everyday lives can be all-consuming. But when we get a moment, try to think of all the difficulty, challenge, and change we’re living through as something that is good even if we can’t see the outcome yet. It is worth it. We are worth it.


(from last week’s post)

So I was out on the road last week to go to my chiropractor and within minutes I found myself vehemently sniping (with colorful metaphors) at someone’s poor driving choices without consciously being aware that I was doing it. This was after I had grounded myself and put energetic protection around me so I wouldn’t pick up other people’s anger before I left my garage. But, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced recently, that group fear and anger is very, very strong and pervasive and it affected me as soon as I got on the road.

This time, however, I caught myself as soon as I sniped and recognized my reaction was fueled by the group fear and anger I was innately picking up. I immediately said, “I take that out of the Law” to turn my negative comments around.

When we speak or think with a lot of emotion, we emit an energy that creates the Law of our reality. If the emotion is strong enough, our Law then sneaks out and influences others. So pretty soon, we’ve got our Law of negativity influencing others without even knowing it. And we can pick up other people’s Law of negativity, then subconsciously assign it to something we’re already feeling (i.e.,frustration at home being taken out in frustration at someone we don’t know while driving). We can feel how we are influenced by other people’s Law every day around us if we pay attention to our own reactions and, frequently, our over-reactions.

So when being aware of the negative energy we emit, even if it seems justified, try catching yourself and saying out loud, “I take that out of the Law”. Say it as many times as you need to (one per negativity is enough). There is no way to overuse it. It keeps our aura clean and the energy around us lighter.

That day, I also wanted to not just zero out my innate negative reaction by taking it out of the Law, I wanted to put out positive energy to move the needle in the other direction. So I decided to choose positive things to see and say, sometimes to people as I encountered them, sometimes just putting it into the Law.

It’s easy when being overwhelmed by negativity, fear, and anger to just go with the flow. But it’s also easy to adjust our mindset to consciously choose to see the positive if we make an effort.

Within moments of me taking my negative comment about the driver’s poor choices out of the Law, I saw a man jogging on the sidewalk. He was lean, fast, and able. I could tell he was an experienced runner. I’m sure I could have sniped at something about him because I was still feeling the group negativity pushing me. But I decided to perceive it differently. So I said, out loud, and truly felt, “Excellent form!”

He didn’t hear me because I was still in my car, but that wasn’t the point. I was emitting positivity. I also complimented my chiropractor on her hair and the massage therapist on her brilliant muscle work on me. I even complimented a choreographed fight scene on TV that was impressive, knowing that no one could hear me and that the show’s fight-choreographer and stars were no longer around (it was a Bonanza rerun from their second season—it was an unexpectedly good fight).

So recap: Take negativity “out of the Law” whenever we catch ourselves spewing and perpetuating negative thoughts and words, and look for the positive. It certainly made my day lighter.


Remember what I said a couple of posts ago about this Mars in Aries (from now until January, 2021) and Mars squaring Pluto and Saturn (from July 27 until October 20) bringing the possibility of Trump declaring war on the United States? We can see that happening as he sends “federal agents” into Portland (and projected other cities) to break up the “violent” Black Lives Matter protesters who are exhibiting no violence (while a few others are taking advantage of the protests to create violence and chaos). Just like his favorite dictators have done.

If this is what the bulk of America needs in order to see we need different leadership, I guess we’re going to get him pushing his dictator ideals for the next 96 days until the election. Stayed tuned. We haven’t even hit August yet. Karma is just waiting for the Hungry Ghosts to descend for those who need it.

(Note: If you’ve been consciously doing your karmic work, then August is thick with fear and anger energy from others that will be more annoying to you than earth-shattering. For others who are trying to keep the world in the Piscean Age, there’s a lot of God-smacking coming.)

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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