As I didn’t get a newsletter out last week, there are a couple of things I’d like to cover in this one before I get to the State of the World. I apologize ahead of time for the length.

My Booking System

The booking system on my website is changing from “BookFresh” to “Square Appointments”. Square bought out BookFresh and is keeping it pretty much the same. This will be set up on my site this week and should be easier to use as it’s updated. If there are any problems booking, please text or email me, but please try the new system first.

Jupiter in Scorpio

This is a big deal. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunities, good luck, and benevolence moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, October 10 until November 7, 2018. This is exceptionally good news for Scorpios, and very beneficial for fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, and earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo. It is also a positive shift in energy on some level for everyone. The possible exception is for those in Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite, who can feel slightly out-of-sync with largess above and beyond their means.

Gahl Sasson, Master Astrologer, has this to say about Jupiter in Scorpio:

Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that needs three symbols to contain it: the scorpion, the serpent, and the eagle. The reason is that Scorpio embodies the principle of transformation. The scorpion dies and is reborn as the serpent. The snake dies and reincarnates into an eagle. We too can benefit from death and resurrection this year. It affords us a rare opportunity to change, to improve, to better ourselves and others.

According to the Astrology of Becoming (see my book, Cosmic Navigator), even if you are not a Scorpio, you can still benefit from Jupiter’s gifts in 2018 by “becoming” a Scorpio. You can embody the positive qualities of Scorpio, thus attracting the gifts that Jupiter bestows on the sign throughout 2018.

How to become a Scorpio? Be deep, intense. Allow transformation to come into your life. Create intimate, meaningful relationships. Shine your sexuality (without endangering yourself or anyone around you). Let go of things that are dead in your life so new ones can resurrect. Be a therapist when asked for advice and allow your own healing to take place. Help others connect to their talents and support other people’s projects. Be less talkative and listen more. Become an agent and manager for people around you. Allow magic into your life and take active interest in the occult. Investigate, do a lot of research, and go to the root of problems. These qualities can build energetic receptors in you for the celestial vibes of Jupiter in 2018.

Traditionally, Jupiter in Scorpio can help your partner tap into his or her talents and financial gains; it can bring an inheritance or good return on investments; and it can help projects that deal with joint artistic or joint financial productions. It can increase your sex drive and connect you to intimacy. It is a great aspect for research and investigation, especially for the healing arts. Jupiter in Scorpio can aid in shedding and peeling away the parts of your personality, diet, or social circle you do not need anymore. It can help you to decease and resurrect, to reincarnate without the need for dying. In many ways, it will bring about your inner Scorpio. Of course, it is very beneficial to Scorpios, people with Scorpio rising or moon, and anyone with planets in that sign.

Here is a list of where you can expect Jupiter to manifest growth and opportunities:

  • Aries: Sexuality, investments, intimacy, magic, healing arts.
  • Taurus: Relationships, partnerships in work and life, artistic expression.
  • Gemini: Health, work, diet, employees.
  • Cancer: Children, love, happiness, sports, entertainment.
  • Leo: Home, family, real estate, motherhood.
  • Virgo: Communication, siblings, roommates, writing, business, contracts.
  • Libra: Finance, talents, self-worth.
  • Scorpio: Body, health, re-branding, personality, charisma, and general success.
  • Sagittarius: Letting go, mysticism, compassion, reconnecting to talents and people from previous lives.
  • Capricorn: Government, friends, organization, nonprofits.
  • Aquarius: Career, professional life, bosses, promotions.
  • Pisces: Travel, higher education, philosophy.

From November 7, the energy shifts as Jupiter moves to his own sign, Sagittarius. That is great news to everyone, since Jupiter in Sagittarius is generous and fun-loving. It means lots of travel, adventures, luck, synchronicities, and flow in the last two months of the year.

I wish a year of transformation for us all on a personal, social, and global level. May we shed what we do not need and find intimacy and joy.

That is a perfect segue into the next subject. Remember all that was said about Jupiter in Scorpio and that will help us get through the shifts we just experienced.

The Energetic State of the World

We’ve had two major energy shifts recently that will be affecting us for years to come – effects that we already can see and feel. I’ve written about these before, but they beg repeating and explaining. The first was when the Sun emerged from behind the Moon during the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21. The Earth was bathed in new light and, short version, that gave her permission to take focus on herself instead of taking care of us.

Energetically, it makes us feel like we don’t belong here anymore. Physically, we see that in the extremity of the natural disasters immediately following: the hurricanes and the earthquakes. They can and should make us aware how much the Earth’s been holding back to give us a chance to change our ways and repair the damage we’ve done to her. We didn’t and haven’t, so look for natural disasters to become more frequent, although I don’t think they’ll be as constant. That seemed more like a release after holding things in for so long.

While the consciousness of us taking care of our planet is shifting, it’s too slow and not enough. Yet. The “too slow and not enough” theme continues into the other shift we had.

On Thursday and Friday, September 21 and 22, we moved into a new, higher-level vibration that also showed us no mercy. I expected to feel something, and I did, but it was much stronger and harsher than we’ve had since the shift of the Earth’s (re)birthday on December 21, 2012. Leading up to that “End of the World” date, I experienced regular dizziness, sometimes thinking I might pass out. Living in Los Angeles at the time, the feeling was very similar to the discombolulation of an earthquake. Yet it wasn’t the physical Earth moving, it was the energetic advancement of the new Age.

On Friday, September 21, I had a similar physical reaction. This time, much stronger. It affected my sight (I lost part of my vision in my right eye) and speech (I couldn’t say what I was thinking) for about an hour. While that was scary, thinking I might be having a stroke (checked out later showed nothing wrong), it was telling me how significant the vibrational shift was that day. I was out of tune with the new vibe. It affected me physically until I innately harmonized my personal vibration with the new one. It had to present itself in a physical way to get my attention, because this shift means business. While I am attuned to the flow of energy because of what I do, I’m sure others had physical reactions, too.

What this combo did was separate us more than ever before. Not just from each other – those who are doing their personal work from those who are not – but within ourselves. We will feel more and more removed and disconnected from those around us, both in love relationships, friendships and acquaintances, and, more importantly, we will feel removed and disconnected from who we thought we were and will be until we right ourselves in this energy and take total responsibility for who we are and how we affect others.

We all have plans and schedules for our lives that we organize before we come in to each life. Sometimes we get off track or find what we set ourselves up to learn is too hard so we stop trying. We currently find this in the people who are stuck, stubborn and refuse to look within. But even those who are following their paths may not be moving as quickly or completely as they originally wanted. This is very common, especially with the Earth having taken such good care of us. We’ve become complacent in our responsibilities to ourselves, each other, all life and the Earth. We’ve forgotten that this life is very special and all about change.

Our personal energy and the energy of the planet expect us to be at a certain point right now. With the Earth no longer care-taking us as the kind, gentle, nurturing mother she was but changing her focus to herself and becoming a tough-love, get-with-the-program mother, we need to step it up. And to step up.

Everyone’s going through a time of feeling uncomfortable, no matter what level of awareness we’re on. We programmed where we wanted to be and if we didn’t do what we needed to do to get there, we’re either filled with guilt, self-judgment, anger, blame or fear, that we won’t ever get to where we want to be. Some have yet to realize how we sabotaged ourselves, or have given up and are clogging up the world for everyone making an effort.

The chaos will continue to accelerate. It’s our clearest teacher. Instead of giving up or feeling sorry for ourselves, we need to be courageous and do the right thing, to show kindness and understanding in the face of this challenge. That’s our guiding light. When in doubt, be courageous, kind and understanding. We will all need it from others. What we give, we get back. Recalling Gahl’s words about Jupiter in Scorpio: “We too can benefit from death and resurrection this year. It affords us a rare opportunity to change, to improve, to better ourselves and others.”

Know that we’re not working from the top down anymore. Whatever those in authority do now, it’s not going to change anything. No laws passed will make people come to realization. There are too many little things that need to change in order to bring us right.

We’re working from the bottom up, from each individual, each soul knowing our own power-within. That’s not just in knowing self, but knowing how we all fit in the grand scheme of being part of the bigger whole, of us being one people, one soul. Each individual needs to make changes to deal with things on a day-to-day basis, within self, with others, with businesses, with government and larger bodies of stuck energies. It’s very, very hard to shift into this as it takes us out of our self-focus, which has been our leftover “birthright” from the Piscean Age.

We’ve been kicked out of belonging on this planet with these shifts so we can understand what it means to be in rhythm with the Aquarian Age by finding our way back. Once again, I reprint another quote from Gahl Sasson which I feel is very important for the Energetic State of the World right now:

Most of the pain and suffering the world is experiencing now is caused by humans and is therefore preventable. That is why we do not have to look above to find reasons for what is transpiring below. The mass shooting in Vegas; the delay in aid to Puerto Rico; the suffering in Burma; the oppression in Russia; and the constant struggles in Africa and the Middle East can all be avoided. Humanity cannot blame the gods or the planets or the devil anymore. Those days are over.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the human aeon, when all the good and all the evil under the sun is our making. Flood? Sea level rising? Well, it’s global warming, not God punishing the Nephilim. Wars? Our collective egos manifested as the fabricated notion of nations, not the Devil or the lack of faith in the Lord. Obsession with assault rifles? Not Mars’ demand for defending your family, but a severe cultural psychosis of insecurity and Peter Pan Syndrome.

We need not look at the stars to see when it will be over. We need not ask astrologers: what the hell is happening up there? We cannot even pray to Jesus, Allah, angels, Jehovah, or Obatala to stop the suffering. How can we ask someone else to stop what we ourselves are doing? When politicians or religious leaders ask us to pray, we should remind them that whoever they think their God is, he is not able to undo what we do to ourselves.

I end with two quotes I found recently that made me feel better.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers’. You will always find people who are helping.” from Mr. Rogers.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall – think of it, always” from Mahatma Gandhi.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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