We had a huge release over the weekend with the Super-Full-Blood-Wolf Moon (whether we consciously worked on it or not). And we have a huge new beginning coming on February 5 with the Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Boar/Pig (and the New Moon in Aquarius). So what do we do with the days between?

We’re kind of in limbo at the moment. Or we can consider it the pause between an exhale and an inhale. Or we can consider it the moment of rest to recoup before the last big push to give birth to ourselves.

Any way we look at it, this is a reflective time. Releases that were done on Sunday evening are still swirling around us, getting rid of the lingering dust bunnies of what we no longer need. At the same time, we’re adjusting to a new vibration within ourselves and the world when what we no longer need is no longer a part of us.

Please treat yourself gently for these next two weeks. If you feel you need to do something differently but you’re not sure, do it and see how it feels. Conversely, if you feel you don’t need to do something you’ve been doing by rote or duty, don’t do it and see how it feels. Note self-judgment, or expectation of judgment or push-back from others. Those are the signs that help you settle into your “neutral self”.

Put yourself in “Observation Mode” seeing self and others with clarity. If that’s hard to get into, ask your Guides, Angels and Ancestors, or those you work with, to help with that clarity. Be discerning in all actions and words.

Be kind as there are many who are feeling this time of lack of direction as threatening. Young souls react to a threat by attacking, sometimes aggressively. The strength of their aggressiveness gives you an idea how afraid they are of not knowing their place in the world.

Sorry to say, get used to that. That kind of fear/aggression is going to follow us throughout the year although their impact on others and the world is considerably lessened. Where last year that would be right in our faces with annoying/destructive turned up to eleven, this year it falls to annoying more in the beginning of the year, less annoying as the year progresses (with a spike in fear/aggression in July and August) moving into gnat-around-your-head-annoying in autumn.

These next two weeks will move quickly, as if we’re being pulled into the New Moon energy. Feeling off-balance is normal. Dropping things is normal. Being confused and fuzzy-brained is normal. We’re re-synching. Let it happen. There are times when we can’t control what is naturally happening, much like it is when the body takes over in giving birth.

This is a weird time. Embrace the weird. Observe, especially self-reactions. Allow yourself to get into a current in the river that is 2019. And prepare yourself for the New Moon by knowing what you will be calling to you for the New Year.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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