Mercury went retrograde last Thursday, March 22 (until April 15). Don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I was hit with an exhausting sorrow that lasted throughout the next day, as was another psychic I know. It could be that she and I are hyper-sensitive with the work we do that we can’t avoid feeling it, or it could just be a really powerful shift. I’ve never had a Mercury retrograde affect me like that. But as we all get more sensitive to the energetic changes around us and the lifting of conscious and physical vibration, that is the world we’re coming into.

Was anyone paying attention to what happened last week in the world? We know this is an accelerated time, but this is getting ridiculous. While I try not to be too political in my writings, I’ve been following the political news since Trump was elected because it tells me the progress of humankind in this Piscean Age/Aquarian Age transition. These last weeks have pushed everyone into an overdrive of accomplishment with no breathing room or mercy.

We’ve seen one Negative Lesson after another hit those in power. Some people are really stepping up. Many are sticking to their guns, hoping and expecting that if they just hold on and don’t move, things will return to how they were. That’s not going to happen. The longer they take to adapt, or just simply get out of the way if they can’t step up themselves, the longer and harder these Negative Lessons become.

In the last weeks, Trump has been getting hit from all sides and keeps trying to strike back like a spoiled brat deflecting attention away from the real problems by creating new ones. Some of the new issues are silly and just a distraction to fill a news cycle or two because he knows we all have to take what he says as president seriously. Some of them are incredibly dangerous. He doesn’t seem to know the difference. Or he doesn’t care.

Just to scratch the surface of what happened, both Democrats and Republicans called him out for congratulating Putin on the sham of the Russian election when he had been advised not to. More women than porn star Stormy Daniels came forward to bring his past sexual abuse/activity to light. He fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser H. R. McMasters just when he needs them the most as the United States and North Korea theoretically prepare for vital, strategic and sensitive talks in May. And the Iran Deal is on the line. He’s bringing in replacements for Tillerson and McMasters who are war-mongers (one who has wanted to bomb North Korea for decades) so there’s no telling what will happen now.

In other very important news, the Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy following the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein. But more importantly, the company dissolved all Non-Disclosure Agreements that covered Harvey’s actions so the women he paid in the past to be quiet can now speak. Over the weekend, there were record-breaking marches in all fifty states and around the world to protest gun violence and the fear-based laws paid for by the NRA. That’s not even taking into account the as-yet-revealed truths that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is working on.

What’s happening is a Big Reveal of Truth overcoming the Piscean Age overlords who, for two thousand years, have gotten what they wanted at the cost of others through lies, deceit, intimidation and force, whether it be through legal or financial means or just plain physical threats and bullying on a personal, societal and world scale.

I mention this not to get people who don’t want to watch the news up to date (and who can blame them?) but because I see all these big-picture reveals as the macrocosm of the transition. Where there’s a macrocosm, there’s always a microcosm. Seeing what’s happening in the big picture can help us face and know what’s coming for us in our own individual microcosms.

Right now, and throughout this year, the inner planet retrogrades will be vitally helpful in revealing our own truths. That includes the three Mercury retrogrades (we’re in the first right now), and the retrogrades of Mars from June 26 through August 27 and Venus from October 5 through November 16. Mercury will retrograde for three weeks (July 25 through August 19) while Mars is retrograde causing self-awareness for male energy on a ridiculous scale. That’s going to be rough because this will be a “take no prisoners” time for the majority of the male energy who does not want to change. This combination of forced self-reflection spills into the ever-fun karmic-catch-up month of August.

Then once Venus goes direct on November 16, the last Mercury retrograde starts the same day. That means the female lessons of self-awareness will be extended through almost the end of the year (Mercury goes direct on December 6 just in time for holiday stress to hold onto the mirror energy). As we all have male and female energy within, we will all be given the opportunity to face and release/heal/cleanse what holds us back.

One of the great and annoying things that Mercury retrograde does for us is to force us to look back over the past. Sometimes that can cover the previous few months, but these days with the sweeping lessons we’re facing, it can go back to childhood or pasts lives if karmic patterns persist. Seeing as how the work we’re doing this year is so very karmic, chances are what will come up for us will have to do with patterns we’ve ignored or avoided.

While the macrocosm of the lessons our government is facing is revealing any past it’s been trying to ignore or avoid, so will we as individuals. Our microcosms will help us look at issues we’ve ignored or avoided such as who we are, how we see ourselves in the world, what is our life path and relationships with family, friends, lovers, co-workers and even other drivers on the road. We can see that reflected in how the United States understands who it is, how it sees itself in the world and what is its life path as well as relationships with other countries.

Hint on dealing with this: it is never about them, it’s about us. No person or situation is ever completely to blame. We all participate, even if it’s just on an energetic or perspective level. So when a situation presents itself that is difficult and makes us look at ourselves, really look with honesty and without ego and avoid the ease of blaming someone or something else.

If we wait and hide, we will be forced to face lies, deceit and the like. In that case, we can dig ourselves a bigger hole to protect ourselves from repercussions by lying some more, especially to ourselves. Don’t do it. Face the truth within and work on that even if we don’t want to face our deepest, darkest selves or another person we might have wronged. If we truly face what is presented to us, resolve and healing come without having to be forced.

Willingly look at personal patterns and the reveal energy will help us get clarity. If we can’t see our patterns and issues clearly, we can talk to someone who can see them for us and help us know what to do to understand them and free/heal ourselves.

We’re facing the microcosm of how the power-over energy of the male lesson has treated women and those “less than” them while it is revealed in a macrocosm example of how Trump and Putin treat the world and those they see as “less than” them (which is pretty much everyone, including their own people).

We change the world by changing ourselves. But sometimes, the world changes first. Right now, both are happening at the same time in an accelerated, merciless wave of 2018 karmic energy. Now is not a time for fear. It’s a time to find your roots and be strong in the face of the biggest change humankind has ever experienced. We are all responsible for where we go from here.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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