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The Covid Delta Variant’s infections are rising. So are the deaths. We’re headed for some hard times and yet a lot of people just aren’t listening. They don’t want it to be real because then they have to change their lives around. Again. So they don’t take it seriously.

Here in Texas, where the majority of us don’t like to be told what to do (young souls or maybe just Texans!), the CDC’s recent guidelines of mask wearing for everyone’s safety is pretty much completely ignored. We’re at Stage 4 out of 5 but on a recent trip to the grocery store, I noticed that more than half the people there weren’t wearing masks.

Watching the news when the new mask mandate was revealed, I wasn’t really surprised when the reporter cut to a clip of a man on the street being told the new requirement and his response was “I’m not going to wear a mask. I have to breathe air!” Then there was the City Council meeting in a town in Missouri when after hearing why mask requirements were important from their medical professional, the Council voted to eliminate the mask mandate with the people there in the audience cheering for their freedom to infect others. (I got the gist of this in passing so I don’t know the details.)

People are making their plans for later summer and fall (or already have) as if the Delta Variant isn’t really happening. There’s a trip to the Bahamas planned in late September, or having tickets to the theatre in October. These are enlightened people I talk to, but the reality that Covid is surging isn’t connecting with plans they made in the brief time when things were opening up. I keep hoping I’m seeing it wrongly, but when they talk about their plans, the voice in the back of my mind says “Nope, not gonna happen.”

While this is very bad news for everyone, I look at those who are refusing to accept reality this way. A boy of 12 is diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and goes through radiation to shrink the tumor, major surgery to remove it, and then months of chemo – much of the treatment making him as sick as the disease. He loses all his hair, muscle mass and strength, endures pain, discomfort, insomnia, lack of appetite and falls into a rhythm of life completely different than what he had known before he was diagnosed. And at 12, probably doesn’t understand the depth of what’s really going on.

Then he beats it. He’s cancer-free! And six months later, it comes back. Aggressively. And he has to face the radiation and surgery and chemo all over again. How do you think he’d feel hearing the news that his life was again going to be dictated by something he couldn’t control and couldn’t avoid, knowing all the suffering he was going to experience? Even if his parents didn’t let him take the time to adjust to the news and started his treatment immediately, he would more than likely be in denial, not wanting this future to happen to him. And his reaction to whatever treatment was forced on him would challenge or break him.

That’s where a lot of people are right now – those who are accepting this new wave and those who aren’t. It feels that intense for them. Going back to mask-wearing and social distancing and being responsible for not infecting others feels as if we’re heading into a treatment that makes us sick. Most of these are young souls, but not all. We’re gotten pretty tired of restrictions and having to be on point in taking responsibility for our every move, even our every breath.

But what’s happening isn’t about mask-wearing or the vaccine. It’s about living in our current reality, accepting it, adapting to it. Too many are sticking to, or have reverted back to, the Piscean Age fear-driven me mentality, even those who have graduated beyond that. Faced with restrictions and fear, the new energy of we for many slipped back into me, because that’s what we do in an emergency like this: we worry about ourselves and those we love first.

And in slipping back into Piscean Age fear, we add to our self-protection by making someone or something else the enemy: if you’re unvaccinated, you’re the enemy. If you wear a mask or don’t wear a mask, you’re the enemy (depending upon your point of view). If you don’t believe in a conspiracy theory, you’re the enemy. If you do believe in a conspiracy theory, you’re the enemy. The president and news coverage don’t help because in trying to get everyone vaccinated, they’re dividing people.

That is so Piscean Age! It clashes with the energy of the Aquarian Age so it’s just one more thing that makes us uncomfortable.

The truth of it is that it’s not about how many are vaccinated, it’s about how many are taking responsibility for their actions. It’s about how many people are living in reality and how many are refusing to get there, for their own myriad reasons, from true ignorance to self-righteousness to just plain stubbornness.

A lot of those who are vaccinated feel it gives them carte blanche to do whatever they want, even if they can still get infected, not badly, but making it able to infect others. They’re vaccinated, so they don’t have to worry about stuff like that. Too many people sheathe themselves in the righteousness of the vaccine as if that’s the answer.

The only answer is for us to accept what is happening and deal with it in real time, which the majority of us aren’t doing right now. Because, like our young soul counterparts, we “don’t wanna”. We’re tired and scared and pushed to live in a vibration that is so new, it scrapes us raw every day. The Aquarian Age vibration is too much. Covid and restrictions are too much. Climate change is too much. All of it happening at the same time. So we’re waiting for it to be over.

But the problem with waiting is that waiting becomes what we call to us. Whatever energy or intention we put out is what we bring back to us. So waiting for Covid to be over or for climate change to be a hoax, not adapting to or believing in either, only makes them continue longer. Pretending none of it is happening only makes things worse. And will continue to do so until we accept and adapt.

This bigger picture energy is to get us to wake ourselves up to this incredibly strong physical lesson. It won’t go away until we do. If we had paid attention and taken initiative and responsibility, each one of us, when this hit us last year, we wouldn’t be where we are now. But with so many clinging to the Piscean Age mentality out of fear, the divide between us isn’t political party or anti-vax conspiracies, it’s moving into an awareness and action that knows we are all connected and not just individual egos. It’s not “all about me”, it’s “all about us”.

Don’t let the hype and fear take over what will become another turn-inward time. I don’t think everything will be shut down as it was before because we learned a lot how to be safe and still stay open. But I do think these incredibly infectious variants are just revving up and aren’t going away well into next year, if not next summer. It’s up to us. Not in necessarily getting the vaccine as much as taking responsibility for the health of self and everyone around us.

Be aware! This is our reality, not a fantasy we can avoid.

BTW, if anyone’s going to blast me for not lauding the vaccine as the be-all-end-all answer, or bitching because I condone mask-wearing, save your efforts and try seeing the bigger picture.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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  • Kay+Cash-Smith says:

    Laurie, I went to her website to order soap and each product listed was noted as “out of stock”! Whaaat??? I suspect many of us will choose to order–the soaps look just “delicious” but won’t be able to. Thanks! Kay Cash-Smith

  • Thank You Laurie … as a retired Medical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive … I not only agree with what you have written I hope others that have the privilege of receiving … really receiving … what you have to say and take it to heart. For that is what it is about … THE HEART … and those who are linear in their thinking will have a reality of their own making.

    I thank you for your courage, strength and willingness to be seen, read and speak your truth … and as you have written … since we are all connected much like the roots of tree’s … it is my truth as well.

  • I thought this was beautifully said. Its not about the enemy or who is write and wrong…its about how do we live together and care for each other as one- one world…one people. I love your newsletters…and I will happily stay in alignment with this new reality and just enjoy this marvelous world.

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