We know it’s still April, so energies, emotions, karma, self-judgment, dissatisfaction, feelings of failure, etc. are running high. Watch out for April 20 through 26 for it to reach its peak. Some who are extra sensitive or “slightly off” (i.e., with a different brain function from “normal” people) can already feel it heightening, so take unusual reactions from self and others into consideration. Karmic buttons are being pushed and pushed hard.

My stomach has been in knots the last several days when there is no reason in my life to be worried. The release we normally would have gotten from the Full Moon over the weekend didn’t ease things as much as exacerbate them.

But there is also a lot of confusion in the world above and beyond what we’ve been experiencing end-February through end-April that is adding to the stress (like we need anymore). And a Big Picture solid reason for the confusion.

Once we officially made transition from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age on December 12, 2012, we coasted into a seemingly gentle adjustment period. After all, an Age that lasts 2,000 years doesn’t just change our reality in a single day. We usually get the two hundred years before and the two hundred years after the exact date for prepping then adjusting. Right after the energy push leading up to that transition, we got a bit of a break. But we’re done with that.

The Aquarian Age is moving very fast, demanding change from us at an accelerated rate. It had us accomplishing the first fifty years of adjustment starting in 2012 in a mere seven. Mindsets began to shift quickly as we woke up to a new vibration. This was something that everyone on the planet reincarnated to experience and most of us have been very glad and relieved for the shift.

Be aware, though, that the young souls did it more for selfish reasons, as if being in the thick of this kind of intense change could get them what they wanted faster, when it really just made their journey harder. Like being a first grader trying to take on the lessons of a master class at university, getting angry that the classes are above their pay grade. Their refusal to adjust and confusion because of how overwhelmed they were/are is just adding to how intense this time is.

The last 2,000 years was the lesson for the male energy to experience their power-over and they learned to rule through fear as they took full responsibility. They developed the always-right, infallible Father Voice (which was only right and infallible during that time), The Father Voice was supposed to inspire and lead, giving us the comfort of someone knowing what was right (or at least pretending they did). But that more often came through punishment, intimidation, and inappropriate blame.

It was the last all-male lesson of the growth of our species. And now, as I’ve written before, with the advent of the Aquarian Age, we are in our first experience of equality, harmony, balance within and without, and becoming humankind instead of mankind. But that abrupt change of mindset causes extreme confusion especially for the young souls who can’t see the Bigger Picture.

As we faced this first wave of change in mindsets, we experienced the gift of accumulated fear and heightened awareness of the Great Negative Lesson (Trump) that made it really obvious what needed to be brought out into the open from the past and made to change. Trump had the Piscean Age Father Voice and young souls were so desperate to have the Piscean Age energy of having direction through a male authority figure tell them what to do, what to believe, and how to behave, they didn’t care he was the worst example of Piscean Age power-over: ego-driven, inept and basically a childlike boob. He was/is a dangerous childlike boob. He used his Father Voice to its extreme, as we needed that extreme, again, for clarity. And he did a great job.

QUICK SIDEBAR: Biden is also of the end-generation Piscean Age Father Figure, but he represents how the lesson was supposed to be learned – like a good, kind, thoughtful and supportive father rather than a crazed walking ego. But his time, the need for Piscean Age comfort/control, is now done. And right now, we are feeling it more than ever.

During the Trump years, that leftover Father Voice energy was to help us see the light, even though too many of us (the young souls) were holding onto it desperately to avoid change. How often are these young souls quoted as saying “It was better in the old days”, “Let’s get back to the old days”? That’s just fear-of-change speaking. We are always in a state of change. It’s just that right now it’s unavoidable and very, very hard.

Once Trump was out of office, our progressing lesson then came with the Covid years. From end-2019 til now, the restrictive, forced self-exploration energy of the pandemic took over the direction of our lives. It wasn’t just whether you would catch it and die, but how we took that restriction and the change that was forced on us, how we trusted or didn’t trust our leaders, the American Medical Association and Big Pharma, whether it was healthy or not to wear a mask. This forced us into an isolation so we could really see how we would fit together in the Bigger Picture when the isolation was done.

We’re still dealing with some of that but with Covid coming to an end even as I write this, that direction is also ending. So now we are left without a negatively-influencing Father Voice and a focal point of self-awareness that was brought about from isolation and challenge, and people are simply lost – more than just April-lost. Even those who are completely in the Aquarian Age are feeling it, not just picking it up from others but from having a path that was so clear disappearing. Even though most of us are adjusting, it takes its time.

The Aquarian Age vibration requires each of us to know self. By being sorted first through soul-age by Trump, then being isolated through Covid, we have faced one lesson after another of being clear on who we are, why we’re here and where we’re going. And as this April is doing, it’s pushing everything to a head, including how we look at our direction.

The Piscean Age leader was a man who told everyone else what to do, whether he was wise or good at it or not. The Aquarian Age leader is an individual who knows self, which makes their personal light shine brighter. That light attracts people to observe and absorb the energy from someone who is clear on who they are. The “leader” need do no more than live in integrity and clarity of self and through that, teaches others by example, more than not without intending to.

And as we progress out of this separation and isolation energy, these enlightened people will find each other more and more and have stronger influence by just working on themselves and fitting new tribes together. So in this difficult, confusion and button-pushing time, turn into self for clarity. Trust your gut, it’s always right. And consciously be aware of our lack of traditional direction and find your own direction, because that will help others find theirs.

Yes, this is a difficult time, but it is also a very exciting time of watching accelerated change happen incrementally. That messes up how we view time, but that’s okay, too. Relying on time too much keeps us in a box. No more boxes. No more limitations. Our direction is for each of us to set. And the good news is that everyone who does the work automatically has the same direction in mind, even if it is in their own way.

That’s what comes from reincarnating at this time on purpose – there is a Bigger Picture that most of us understand innately. Even if you can’t see it clearly right now, know you are part of it and the path becomes clear. It’s like the time after graduating university, feeling confident having completed years and years of lessons and before finding what happens next. It’s unsettling, necessary and usually has a big pay-off, perhaps not financially, but in clarity of direction of self.

Look only to self for clarity of direction. Again, learn to trust your gut. Get out of left-hemisphere logical thinking and allow the flow of the Aquarian Age to take you where you need to be, for the good of self and for the good of all.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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