Animals pick up energy that humans give off and ground it for us so we’re not as crazy as we can be. Our pets not only pick up the energy in general of what’s going on in the world, they also pick it up specifically for their humans. Have you ever noticed when you’re in a draining emotional situation at home, your pets can be running around like idiots and you think they’ve chosen a very bad time to play? They’re not playing. They’re working out your energy. The same kind of running around goes for when things are going really, really well.

This year, my cats have been very quiet. They’ve been lethargic and intense since the end of January. They tend to gather when I’m doing readings as they like the high of the energy exchange. But on the whole, they’ve been subdued, partly because I’ve been keeping a cap on the intensity of world-changing energy that wants to come into the house so none of us go crazy. Then, last week, the zoomies came back in full force and its been constant playing since then from one end of the house to the other, with mad leaps into the top of closets and climbing the furniture.

That, more than astrological knowledge or personal feeling, is what told me that the energy of 2020 had shifted.

Two things are going on right now and for the next three-to-four weeks. The first is that we’re in the leftover energy of the in-your-face lessons of this year. Many people are experiencing their biggest fears now because their self-entitled Piscean Age vibration is really, truly coming to an end and there’s nothing they can do about it. Actually, most don’t even recognize what’s happening but their bodies and spirits recognize inevitable change. Hence, more fear.

The second thing is that a lot more of us can feel we’re close to the relief of being in the ease and excitement of full-on Aquarian Age vibes, officially starting on December 21, the Winter Solstice. We can feel the shift right around the corner, almost like we can touch it. This isn’t a three-dimensional awareness, though. It’s our waking up into our new multi-dimensional selves. However, if we don’t consciously know this is happening, we tend to judge ourselves for feeling a lighter, brighter energy when nothing around us supports that. That lets fear come into us, not just us picking it up from others.

The whole fear and stress and “what’s going to happen if…” energy still surrounding the election and the way it’s being covered by the news isn’t helping. While the news service is really doing their job, they’re also being affected by the fear energy and broadcasting fear without realizing that things cool off before the end of the year (so we’re all going to be okay, no matter how we voted—however, if you need to know, there will be no problem with Biden being inaugurated on January 20). We still have a lot of work to do going forward because people will continue to be afraid of changes they don’t (or don’t want to) understand, but we’ve done the heavy lifting and, like I said last week, the nuclear fuel that has been feeding the fear and hate will be done.

So here are a couple of things that can help us deal with this dual abject fear/uplifting joy.

Decorate for the holidays like crazy. Start now. Use lots of color. Remember, the Piscean Age has seemed as if we’ve been living in black and white with the Aquarian Age bringing color in for the first time. So celebrate that and decorate with blinking colored lights and colorful ornaments and candles and swags and even manufactured logs in the fireplace that burn in colors.

Color will be more important to us than it has been as we move forward because we are becoming more sensually aware (more sexually aware, too, but that’s not what I’m talking about here). We are beings with great senses that are about to be turned up to eleven for the rest of our lives and beyond—that’s part of the Aquarian Age awakening. So visual stimulation through color can be used to help us cope, celebrate, grieve, enjoy. If you don’t know what colors fit with a specific emotion, simply go with what your gut tells you you want to see or wear. It’s not coincidence that the LGBTQ+ community has embraced the rainbow as a symbol. Balance and harmony in the Aquarian Age is made of all colors.

Bright and sparkly are good, too. Those who are already in, or are stepping into the Aquarian Age, shine their energy differently, brighter and more sparkly. So bring that in now, even if you’re home alone with cats. It’s the vibration of the color and the bright and sparkly bits that match us. No one else has to see it for those things to make us feel better and more hopeful.

Awakening our senses also includes our sense of smell, which is actually the strongest of the senses that affects us physically. Use scented candles that you like, or get a cinnamon broom, or run incense or essential oils in the house. Or cook savory foods. This can also help with our moods to match them, heal them or stimulate them. Just be aware of the senses of others in the home. Not everyone is crazy about what might smell good to you.

Our sense of hearing, which is connected to us actually becoming aware of feeling vibrations, is also getting an upgrade. Listen to music that makes you feel better, not necessarily music that matches your mood. Hard, angry music is wonderful to help us release our hard, angry energy and feelings. But instead of listening to Black Sabbath at the moment, try Ladysmith Black Mambazo. We don’t need to feed the fear and anger, we can just side-step it until it becomes manageable.

SIDEBAR: One of the things that uplifts me anytime I watch it is a flash mob from 2010. Look up on YouTube: Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus. I’ve mentioned this before, but it still gets me every time and makes me feel so much better, even if I’m already in a good mood.

We’ve got less than a month before the energy changes under our feet. Avoid buying into the fear that is running rampant right now. Know where it comes from: a change 26,000 years in the making. But the Aquarian Age is inevitable and, as I’ve been saying ad nauseum, it brings in balance, harmony, communication, and most importantly, humanity.


Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day but be careful!!! People are saying we’re hitting the peak of the pandemic, but, sorry, we’re not even close. And for those who are taking chances going out and visiting family and friends because they feel they either have to or deserve to after the year we’ve had, know that there will be a spike in January because so many will be taking chances over the holiday season between now and the end of the year.

This is one holiday season out of our entire lives. It matters more that we take care of ourselves and each other than feeling entitled. Human arrogance is something this pandemic is karmically trying to teach us about. It’s part of the old normal that we’re not going back to. We’re moving into a new normal that will have similarities but not be the same. The more we let go of old expectations and programming, the easier this is. Please learn that now, not after the lesson is forced on us.

Okay, off my soapbox now. Genuinely wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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