In every circumstance, whatever a leader does trickles down to, affects, and influences everyone else involved. The leader sets the stage. Even if people don’t live up to a leader’s example, they are affected by the energy exuded, even if they aren’t aware of it.

A good case in point. A friend worked on the movie, Angels and Demons, directed by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks as the star. He noted that Hanks was on time every day, prepared with his lines and character every day, was kind and generous to cast and crew every day and took the role of “Top of the Food Chain” very seriously. The shoot was pleasant and professional. Everyone followed his lead. Obviously, equal kudos go to Ron Howard who has a well-oiled machine with his crew who work with him on every movie. He is also prepared, respectful of his cast and crew and the ultimate professional. But if Hanks or Howard had behaved differently, it would have been a very difficult process.

A bad case in point. When I worked as a psychic at a metaphysical store in Los Angeles, the owner let it be known that because she paid her employees so little, she expected them to steal. And steal they did. Even those who had never stolen anything before got into the energy of suspicion and lack of respect and felt nothing of taking a book or smudge stick when the opportunity arose. “If you build it, he will come” becomes “If you put it out there, it will happen” or in this case, “if you’re expected to steal, eventually you will.”

So here we are with Trump in the highest office in the land, taking on a position of ultimate Leader of the Free World and he does whatever his ego allows him, without consequences. He goes against protocol, heritage, history, common sense, and more importantly, the good of the country he represents and the world his position influences. He lies without repercussion and behaves like a bully. This is the current example of our leadership energy.

While this trend is making many actively and intensely fight against a bully being in control of our country, there are many of the Piscean Age hold-outs who have taken his example as permission to act out in their egos without any push-back. They are being Bullies Without Consequences.

A client of mine has been in a custody battle for years with an abusive ex-husband. After they separated, he inherited a lot of money but continued paying her a pittance in child support and delayed the court getting his financial statements for years. When he was finally ordered to pay an appropriate, much larger monthly amount, along with a retroactive payment for the years he delayed things, he went along with it until Trump took office.

While I don’t think he consciously understood that Trump’s behavior gave him permission to do whatever he wanted, the Bully Effect trickled down to allow him to stand in his Piscean Age male power-over as soon as Trump took office. With supreme self-righteousness, he decided he would stop paying the court-appointed amount when and how it had been ordered. Enough was enough (for him), so he didn’t have to listen to the court anymore. He also stopped listening to his daughter’s court-appointed therapist who suggested group activities she needed when she was in his charge. But he didn’t think it was important, so he blatantly told the therapist that his daughter wouldn’t do it. Because he was in charge.

Another example has to do with kid-bullying getting out of hand (obviously influenced by how the parents taught/didn’t teach or how they did/did not set an example for their children). A different client’s eleven year old son befriended a boy his age who was very charismatic and a lot of fun. The friend got my client’s son in trouble with school and parents alike with inappropriate pictures, which the friend originated.

Since the friend was punished, he has taken to bullying and cyber-bullying my client’s son mercilessly. Even when he is further punished for every new act, it doesn’t stop him or slow him down. He does something sneakier and worse without remorse. When my client’s husband called the father of the bully-boy, nothing changed, except the bully-boy purposefully spread his influence to every kid in school to ostracize my client’s son. When picking up the bully’s energy during a reading, I felt the same self-righteousness-without-consequences that my other client’s ex-husband had, the acting-out also coincided with Trump’s inauguration.

These aren’t the only cases I’ve encountered of people (mainly men) who are subconsciously influenced by the Bully Effect and the self-righteousness of male dominance that was the epitome of the Piscean Age. It’s blatantly obvious in our political system as Trump’s ego trickles down. Even crowds of people booing and verbally calling-to-task their senators in Town Hall Meetings don’t seem to phase these hold-outs. The “leaders” look more stunned than offended that their alt-truths are just not accepted as the facts they would like them to be.

Even without experiencing these repercussions personally, those advancing into the Aquarian Age vibe are lividly angry at the injustice of the few standing in their ego without a care, without listening, without participating in a world that includes other people. Right now, these few hold-outs are influencing everyone around them because they are so loud about it. Some of the few who are joining the Bully Effect are doing so because it’s easier than facing self growth. It’s like a wave of bad behavior on the swell.

While this will pass, it has to be gotten out of these people’s systems. We’ve been here before when ego-boys got their way – the last time Republicans were in control – and they went too far as they always do (although never as far as they’re going now). Not to say that Democrats don’t have their own share of little boys, but they’re not standing so aggressively in this Piscean Age rights of man mentality.

Know that this Bully Effect is temporary while Piscean Age hold-outs face their end-time. It’s helpful for us to recognize that. Recognizing doesn’t stop it but gives us awareness to then deal with what it is – just one more surprise at how far desperation and fear of change can go. Consequences will come, brought by actions and reactions from those against the bullies, from Divine Intervention and from the simple fact that this energy isn’t in harmony with the Aquarian Age. What isn’t in harmony does not stay.

Right now, ego-driven individuals are given their heads to see how far they’ll go before they stop themselves. While I don’t anticipate a lot of self-discipline coming to these people, they are given the chance to “get it” before they’re smacked down. Take heart. It is guaranteed that they will shoot themselves in the foot – they always do. They need that lesson for them to progress. Just know they won’t use this achieved lesson in this lifetime. Too much ego.

Meanwhile, on a more positive note, here is an item sent to me by a client – a message about our current situation channeled from Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and The Council of Nine through Barbara A. Petrie:

“The chaos present is Divinely orchestrated. Do not allow yourself to get drawn into the petty drama. Nothing is as it is being portrayed. Remember collapse is necessary before rebuilding can take place. Nothing is wrong. Allow yourselves to look at things from a higher perspective. No one is all right nor all wrong. Blame and anger gets you nowhere and only hurts your being.

“Focus inward on what you can do to make your own life more loving, more compassionate and more kind. It starts with you. Nothing outside exists to hurt you. There is nothing to fear. Remember you alone create your reality.

“Let’s create no fear and pure love. One step at a time. Slow down the game. There will be no winners or losers. Take a step back and observe your own behavior. Is it loving? Is it kind? There is a Divine plan. Let it unfold as it will be for your highest good.”

And from Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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