The day after Christian Holy Week started with Palm Sunday on April 14, a fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It burned for 15 hours, destroyed the spire and roof, and damaged the upper walls. While three people were injured, no lives were lost. Holy relics and art were protected and preserved. But the event was felt around the world with a deep sense of shock, fear and mourning as if the entire structure was completely destroyed. That feeling has subsided as current events cycled in the news, especially after it was known the damage was contained, but the reaction was incredibly, soul-wrenchingly emotional.

Local, national and world news reported that this was a huge loss for the world and humanity was coming together to mourn. Many compared it to the events of 9/11. Yet this wasn’t a terrorist attack, it was an accidental short circuit in an old timber-based structure that was at risk because of ongoing renovation. No lives were lost, while thousands were lost on 9/11. The entire structure wasn’t decimated, it didn’t fall, relics and precious art were saved, fear wasn’t the reason for the fire…so where is the comparison?

The comparison, and the grief and shock felt over this event, have a bigger vibrational impact on humanity because it was a clear and potent shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. It was indeed a great loss, not because of the fall of the structure, but what the structure represented: the male-dominated, organized-religion, power-over, rule-through-fear concepts of the last 2,000 years that gave us a rule book and a way to know the Christian identification of God. But it has served its purpose and we are now transitioning into our next spiritual awareness.

A couple of things to know: When Christianity began to replace any belief system not its own, it would take over holy places and build its own structures to force locals into converting. Because the sites were literally “holy”, built with now-lost human awareness of powerful energy and ley line convergences, the churches flourished and Christianity did, indeed, take over. That was also the way it was supposed to be because humanity needed an organization of religion to awaken our connection and recognition of Creator (identified as God). This is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Piscean Age.

Before the Piscean Age, humankind had a visceral, gut connection to the world. Sexuality was not condemned or hidden. It just was. Over the Age’s first several hundred years, linear, left-hemisphere-dominant, male-power-over thinking took over. But in the beginning, we were far more connected to our sexuality and the power of it. So the Christian churches that were built then had a visceral, gender-honoring feel. The entry way of every church was built to honor and resemble female power represented by the shape of a woman’s vulva. The spire was built to honor and resemble male power represented by the shape of a man’s penis.

Looking at it from that perspective, the fall of Notre Dame’s spire, which drew gasps, shock and visceral reactions from those who saw it in real time (and then again and again as it was replayed on the news as the big event of the fire), represented the falling of the male patriarchy. And that hit everyone in the gut, no matter what religion or belief system any individual holds.

Later on the day of the fire, I had this text exchange with a friend:

Kitty: I was thinking, could the burning of Notre Dame be a symbol metaphorically for the patriarchy and confinements of religion collapsing under the Aquarian Age?

Me: Yes, I believe it is. The fire at Notre Dame is symbolic of the collapse of 2,000 years of organized religion that got lost along the way, especially symbolic that it is happening during Holy Week. The Catholic church lost a lot of their power when they changed the mass from Latin to English in 1969, the first strong awakening of the Aquarian Age energy. And this is another “blow” or release. The cathedral will be rebuilt but with a different energy. It’s old power has been diminished, in a good way. Fire is cleansing after all.

I listened to all the emotional accounts and have yet to experience any emotional connection. The cathedral usurped a pagan holy place with arrogance and self-righteousness and now represents the loss only of a type of belief and some beautiful architecture and of the power of an Age. A phoenix rising from the ashes, but a pagan phoenix reclaiming her power spot.

Kitty: I felt the same way emotionally, completely neutral. Almost no emotion towards it. I also felt since it was a natural fire, that it was mother Gaia’s way of sending yet another symbol: taking over a man-made structure than no longer serves our new raised vibration and future way of thinking. Inspiring when you think of the pagan phoenix rising from the ashes visual. And so it is.

As I wrote, I wasn’t emotionally moved by this event. I don’t think that was because I am Wiccan and felt removed from destruction of a Catholic place of worship, because I was brought up Christian and I respect and honor all belief systems. But since this cathedral long ago usurped a pagan holy place, I perceived this as a shift in awareness that many, including myself, already experienced.

This is not disrespect for a belief system. It’s merely a change in awareness as we grow from one concept structure to another to help us evolve. As 2,000 years ago, Christianity and other organized religions overtook what had gone before, spirituality and individual revelation are overtaking organized religion now.

Here is another take on the event in excerpts from @alokaheart’s “Reflections on Notre Dame”

Let the world be shocked and awed at the reality of impermanence as something iconic is swallowed like a match stick house.

Another turning in the falling of the tower of patriarchy and the revealing of distortions that are still in place, played out financially when millions were raised to rebuild it by the ultra-wealthy and that money could feed and clothe all who suffer a lack of basic needs. The world is ready for something more humane than both religion and capitalism…the world is ready for the feminine to rise, especially and including Earth Mother to be prioritized in its considerations within the global arena/culture. Pedophilia, ultra-wealth, false power and the degradation of the sacred feminine will fade into his-story as it has no place in the new paradigm.

Underneath Notre Dame are ancient pagan altars, connections, originally built to honor Magdaline, and with all the history of a dark period of burning witches out front. It’s time for the “Holy Ghost” to be resurrected, for she was always “The Veiled Goddess”. This fire has phoenix energy for the new timeline.

And so it is.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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