For some, the last week in February was the worst of 2021, not because we had more drastic and scary news events or chaos in the world, but because most of us had reached our limit of taking what had been put upon us in 2020 and we were burnt out and bone tired.

We’d reached the point of no return and had enough! Not in the same way we kept thinking we’d had enough after the first month of quarantining last year, or after the sixth month of wondering whether it was safe to open schools or not, or after the election was over when we’d had enough of politics and crazy being shoved down our throats to last a lifetime. 

It felt more like the had enough! of boot camp. In every military branch, boot camp breaks recruits down to nothing, mostly through physical stress of running miles with heavy rucksacks and over-straining the body with exercise and obstacle courses. Every recruit gets to a point of enough! and then has to either find a new gear, meaning adapt to the military way, or become lost. Almost all adapt, but not every one. Some get lost and even more confused.

We hit that enough! in the last week of February but that was necessary for us to accept and build the new normal we’re coming into when the pandemic is done and the Piscean Age leftovers shoot themselves in the foot. Both of which are happening sooner than expected, but not soon enough to compensate for how much we’ve been through.

I went to the grocery store last Friday afternoon and, while stopped at a light, I watched the traffic and tried to remember if it was like the normal flow of traffic before the pandemic. I was clearly aware of the severe lack of street activity when the pandemic started and everyone closed down and how different that was from the normal flow before. But in watching the traffic on Friday, I couldn’t remember what the “before” normal flow had been. Was I looking at it now being back to normal, or was it less that it originally had been and it just seemed normal in comparison to how sparse it had been last year?

That’s how we get to the new normal. Through drastic change and trauma, our normal gets rearranged so we don’t remember exactly how it was. Then the new normal doesn’t seem that strange. That’s what we’re building right now. It’s happening on such a subliminal level, many of us aren’t aware of it consciously because we’re dealing with so many other things on the physical level that are still fear- and survival-based.

Then last Tuesday, we finished the first of three Saturn square Uranus events (tradition/old ways vs. unavoidable and unmerciful change/revolution) which was quite a ride. It made it seem that the Aquarian Age energy that took over fully on December 21, 2020 and more so on February 11, 2021 hadn’t actually changed anything. It did. The vibration of that change was deep and might seem subtle but was incredibly profound.

Be aware, however, it’s a change that moves us into a two thousand year journey so it’s playing a long game. Where the Saturn square Uranus event was a short shock, it was a reminder of 2020 energy just to see what we learned and to force the lesson to continue for those who refused to get it.

Now we are in the clear until the end of April, with no planets retrograding and no major challenging astrological events to bring more chaos. Some who are in their Wile E. Coyote moment of hanging in the air after running off the cliff but haven’t fallen yet, are like the recruits who didn’t finish Boot Camp successfully: they’re lost with no place to belong, no “ground” under their feet, and are moments away from falling. We’re watching it in real time so it seems to take forever, but it’s actually happening very quickly.


Transference is a psychology term used to describe a phenomenon in which an individual redirects emotions and feelings, often unconsciously, from one person to another.” …from

In our society where expressing true emotions is often considered inappropriate or can cause unwanted repercussions (we can’t talk back or yell at a Piscean Age boss, we don’t correct an incorrect parent, we don’t always tell a friend when they’re being inappropriate), we have to express feelings in some way. We usually do it through transference, most of the time without being aware what we’re doing, usually because traditional bullying has been so present and accepted in the Piscean Age, we just take it as normal.

A great example is when we yell at other drivers in traffic when they’ve done something inconsiderate, dangerous or downright stupid. Our anger is fueled by something far more personal than some stranger’s behavior, like any of the instances above. It’s safer to yell at an inconsiderate driver with our windows up so they can’t hear us because we get the anger out without getting fired or causing a parental tirade (which can include long-term guilt trips) or distance ourselves from a friend.

SIDEBAR: Please know that even if that driver we yell at can’t hear us, they pick up the intensity of the vibration we aim at them, especially now as the Aquarian Age heightens our senses beyond our normal five.

On a very big scale, we are witnessing transference right now with all the Piscean Age holdouts in, what they consider, fear for their lives. They’re throwing that chaos of loss of personal power out to everyone through their righteous indignation. This isn’t just politicians and world leaders, it’s every person who believes that their (white male) “God given rights” are more important than anyone or anything else. Right now, they are believing that in desperation.

After what we went through in 2020 and if we watch news coverage, it may seem that we are on a long, hard, mean road that will last years if not decades for Piscean Age holdouts to stop messing things up in our growth forward. But the collective transference we’re all feeling has an expiration date. And it comes faster than we think because, as I’ve said before, we aren’t taking into consideration the humanity vibe of the Aquarian Age, which is in full sway now and is incredibly powerful.

We will still be dealing with the young souls who are having a hard time right now, but their power and impact will be lessened completely. We will see it over the next several months, even though that doesn’t seem possible. When I see the news harping on the hold Trump still has on people, it only represents the fear of his base, especially now that their “daddy” doesn’t have any official power, just the power of his ego and self-righteousness. And that isn’t enough to keep people going.

I couldn’t watch coverage of CPAC last weekend, or even the snippets the news covered after the fact, but I did hear their fear transferred into keeping themselves important by yelling about how important they were, feeding others who are feeling lost by reiterating how much they are in charge and what they’re going to do. Nope. Not going to happen. That was a five-year-old tirade.

Something to know about the Trump effect. He was a one-off. No one can replace him or do the same thing he did in being in power so blatantly without a conscience. He was in the position he was to get mankind to turn into humankind through The Great Negative Lesson. While the lesson is over, how we assimilate it and adapt to it in our day-to-day lives is what comes now. No one can ride on his coattails because they’re not him. And he won’t be around that much longer to fuel this. Just long enough to bring this Piscean Age train to an end.

So be aware that fear can still creep up on us. It makes us feel we’re never getting out of the downward spiral and chaos of the last four years. Piscean Age fear is still able to affect us because we’re still so close to it. So trust our inner voice which can hear the truth of what is being said on the news or from people we know. Take the fear out of the PTSD humanity is experiencing and listen to what our gut is telling us.

We are building a new world that scares the crap out of the Piscean Age holdouts. And they can’t listen so don’t expect it. We don’t expect to tell children everything that’s going on when we’re preparing for a disaster. We tell them just enough to make sure they feel safe and then we do what we need to do. We’re doing what we need to do but we can’t listen to the attention-grabbing fear that’s based on these holdouts’ transference.

Let them yell and scream and demand people listen. They will either burn themselves out or shoot themselves in the foot and lead others who are following down the same path. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. That’s inevitable.

Avoid buying into their fear based on what we experienced last year. We never saw it coming (well, some astrologers and psychics did, but, you know, that’s another story). When we don’t see something coming, we’re afraid something we didn’t see will happen again. But 2020 was a one-off just as Trump was a one-off.

What’s coming now is Aquarian Age humanity, no matter what it seems like right now. That’s inevitable. Guaranteed. Written in stone. We want it to happen faster because of what we went through, and are still going through. Try to relax and know there is more angelic energy helping us than ever before and we can’t miss hitting the Aquarian Age bullseye. And know what we’re doing now is the set up for the next two thousand years. That’s some responsibility. But we wouldn’t have reincarnated at this time if we couldn’t handle it.

If we look at the expansiveness of what we as humans are trying to accomplish, perhaps we can let go of our impatience and arrogance. We’re not just living now for the next seven generations, we’re living now

 for the New Age. Sometimes perspective helps. That’s our new perspective. And we’re all part of it. Even the Piscean Age holdouts who are still showing us what doesn’t work and what needs to change. We can be grateful to them while at the same time want to smack them into non-existence (or maybe that’s just me).

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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  • A friend has been sending me your blog posts. I’m really enjoying them and the encouraging outlook. Thanks for doing this!

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