If you haven’t heard already, I’m relocating from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas on May 31st. I am taking the first week in June off to settle in and will resume my reading schedule onMonday, June 9th. Between now and then, here is what’s available if you’d like a reading before I go:

  • Saturday, May 24th (only one time available)
  • Monday, May 26th (a few times available)
  • Tuesday, May 27th (a few more times available)
  • Wednesday, May 28th (even more time available)

While almost all of my info stays the same…

website is still

  • email is still or
  • cell phone number is still 818 – 943 – 1027
  • booking via website stays the same
  • schedule and rates stay the same

…there are some changes.

The first is that I have a new land-line phone number – the number to call for phone appointments – effective the first week in June.  

It is:



As it will be installed and live only after I’m there, please use my current land-line (818-592-0376) until June 9th. There will be an automatic referral from the old number to the new, but that will only last a couple of months. The second is that while my schedule stays the same…
  • Monday through Thursday, 11 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm
…I will be in Central not Pacific time. That means there is a 2 hour difference from Los Angeles to Austin. The booking site will, as always, indicate the time zone I am in. Obviously 11 o’clock in Los Angeles, is 1 o’clock in Austin. I may adjust my schedule once I’m there but that is yet to be determined. I will be sending reminders of this for the first month or so with every appointment until we’re all on track. Thank you all for your support and friendship and everything you’ve taught me during my 26 years in Los Angeles. I will always cherish my time here and the people I’ve met. This isn’t an ending by any means, just a transformation. And being Scorpio, it’s all about transformation.I hope to talk, Skype or see all of you in Austin.With much love and gratitude…


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