So, we’re in April now. Happy April Fool’s Day. “Fool” energy seems very appropriate for where we are right now with the damaging ridiculousness that is our president and chaos seeming to reign all over the world. Although, The Fool card/energy in the Tarot deck is not an idiot. It starts as an innocent soul who takes a journey through life, sees and experiences unimaginably wonderful and horrible things and, at the end of the journey, understands so much more about life and self yet still retains innocence of soul to know that anything is possible.

The number of The Fool card is 0 (zero), which is “nothing”, as in “no thing” is impossible. Today marks that day of new beginnings of unlimited options, even though it might not feel like it coming out of 2018 and the last few months.

Because we had such tremendous ascension energy over the last several weeks, many of us are seeing things from a different perspective. That clearer vision shows us how much more work needs to be done by those who chose to be stuck and how rabidly they’re holding onto their fear to keep the world from evolving. Even though we’re starting a new, hopeful journey today, our sensitivities are more vulnerable so we may see things as more dire. They are not.

In case you didn’t see this on my recent Facebook post, here is Alex Myles’ message on our current state of energy:

“March 29 through April 10: No Planets in Retrograde, No Full Moons, No Predicted Solar Storms.

This year has felt energetically chaotic for many, so far, due to three Supermoons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses along with Mercury Retrograde and highly charged Solar Storms. Fortunately, we are now entering a period of calm after the Mercury Retrograde Storm, and during this time there are no other planets in retrograde, no full moons, and solar and geomagnetic activity are predicted to be at low levels.

We are now in a phase of rest, relaxation and recuperation to process all that’s occurred over the past few months. Energy shifts bring extreme transformation and transition, so it is time to reflect back and learn from lessons that have been brought to our attention and recognize how beneficial this period was for clearing the old to make space for new. Reassess and regroup.”

Even when April 10 brings Jupiter retrograde until August 13, and further, on April 24 when Pluto retrogrades until October 2/3, and on April 29 when Saturn retrogrades until September 18, these are our Outer Planets and have a deeper, more subconscious influence on us that isn’t the in-your-face, day-to-day challenge we normally experience with Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograding. That phase of “rest, relaxation and recuperation” continues beyond April 10 while we look forward and finally move with the light speed that is 2019.


As many of you may remember, I got a message from Higher Source within days of Trump being elected in 2016 that said he had two years and three months from his inauguration before he was gone. That time is now. I was not given information on how it was going to happen. What was clear was that it wasn’t going to be through his death (either through natural causes or assassination).

I was hoping the release of the Mueller report on March 22 was going to be that thing which brought my prediction to fruition. After all, the coincidence of it happening two years and three months from his inauguration was very serendipitous. That seemed the most logical option. It still may be, even though Attorney General Barr is protecting its damaging secrets in pomposity, fear, and the Piscean Age control/power-over mindset. Be aware that the totality of the report does come to light somehow, even if it is leaked. That may not be in time for it to jibe with my April prediction, or it may be the icing on the cake after removal has begun in another way. However it happens, it will have extreme repercussions for Trump and his people.

I admit that the way Barr handled the Mueller report’s “non-release” just knocked me down after the hope I had for its revelation. I had to take a break from the news because I knew that Trump would obsequiously gloat and I can’t stand to listen to him anyway. I’m over that now knowing the fight to get it released in its totality is being waged on several fronts. Still, regarding my prediction, the release of the Mueller report is only one option of how Trump can be made “gone”.

While we’ve had one piece of news after another unveiling Trump’s corruption (personal and political) over the last two years (and longer) with nothing done about it to date, it may seem that his expulsion is impossible. But we are living in the year of synchronicity and serendipity, of coming into harmony with the higher vibration of the Aquarian Age. Trump’s Piscean Age reign, giving those in fear a place to hide, is so out-of-sync with the current and future energy, abrupt change is going to happen even if we can’t see how.

A client and I were recently talking about this. She said that if Trump isn’t gone in April it’s because so many people still need to learn the Great Negative Lesson that is his true purpose. He is in place to help this Age-to-Age transformation by forcing clarity and awareness on the world, and to bring light to the previously living-in-the-shadows rampant prejudice, hatred, and fear that still exists in cohabitation and at war with enlightenment and awareness. Obviously, we’re still in that energy with many fearful young souls doubling down on their righteousness and stuckness, especially after the recent ascension of the last two weeks that made them very uncomfortable.

But know with every move that those fighting for truth and justice take, we are bringing the hidden Piscean Age leftover energy to light to be released and removed. There is more to come, obviously. Truth will out. And while there is no logical reason to believe that Trump will be out this April, please remember that unexplained things happen all the time and we’re just starting the month. While I can’t see how it’s going to happen, and the non-psychic part of me doesn’t see how it could, I have been given no new info to disbelieve the original message. I’m holding on to the trust that Higher Source can step in at any time.

Even though it might not feel like it at the moment, we are in good hands. We are repairing, creating and recreating the Human Experience. The Fool in the Tarot deck is associated with the planet of Uranus (sudden and unexpected change), which is associated with the sign Aquarius (and the Aquarius Age). The image of The Fool in the card of a youth seemingly too stupid or unaware that s/he is walking off a cliff can also be seen with Aquarian Age sensibilities as the innocent soul who walks off the cliff and doesn’t fall because s/he doesn’t believe in gravity.

Shift believing in parameters of limitation that we’ve been taught through the control-over lessons of the Piscean Age and trust that our journey in the human evolution of the Aquarian Age wins out. The vibration has changed. Stuck can’t stay stuck. Even if April does not bring a change in government as I still believe it can, it is inevitable.

I offer this with love and gratitude and hope…

p.s. I am also publishing this evening a second post that is all Gahl Sasson’s take on our new April energy, in case you don’t subscribe to his SpiriTalk newsletter.

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