TESTING OUR AQUARIAN AGE GROWTH (After the Summer of Retrogrades)


I will be unavailable for readings the week of September 24 (Monday through Sunday). That Monday, I will be reporting for Jury Duty! I’m excited as this is my first call to perform my civic duty since I’ve been in Texas. Even though I’ve closed my books for Tuesday in case I get selected to serve on a trial, the chances are slim that will happen. If I get on a panel, the first question asked is “What do you do for a living?” When I’ve answered “Psychic” in previously similar situations, the room becomes quiet for a moment, silent judgment swirls in the air for half a second, questions move to the person next to me and then I find myself the first to be dismissed.

That’s a long way of saying I may be available on Tuesday, but won’t know that until Monday afternoon. So if you need a reading on Tuesday, please text to 818-943-1027 instead of booking through the system on my website as the site will say I’m unavailable.

The rest of the week is official vacation time with my best friend who will be visiting from Detroit. She is the best person I know on the planet, so I will be basking in her perfect white and pink light while we play. We’ve been best friends for 48 years, so this should be fun.


This summer has been a challenge – one of the biggest we’ve ever faced even though it might not seem like it. There wasn’t a war or recession or famine or epidemic. It wasn’t on the in-your-face physical level. But it was profound to create an opportunity for required change – change the male energy had to face, frequently against its will, to be able to successfully proceed into the Aquarian Age vibe. The female energy also faced how they viewed the new male energy, with more pointed feminine lessons coming during the Venus retrograde in October/November (more on that another time).

As we settle into the calm of September, we are able to recoup from and recap what happened over the summer even if we are consciously unaware of the depth of the lesson faced or the importance of the shift we experienced.

As we know, the Earth changed her vibration to a higher level with her 26,000-year “birthday” on December 21, 2012. We have been trying to catch up to her shift since then. When we do (or when some of us do, because not all of us choose to participate), she shifts into a higher gear. It’s like an athletic coach upping the goals of every practice session to force growth, agility, strength, and team spirit.

But over the past six years, we got to a point where too many of us were behind the shifts and couldn’t catch up. So we had the summer lessons where, on an energetic level, everything stopped to force those lagging behind to catch up, or to give those who had kept up with the adapting all along a chance to assimilate it deeper. If the majority of humanity had already adapted to the new energy more completely before summer started, our growth in self and of our overall awareness would have shot us off the charts. But that’s not where the majority of us were. Those not adjusting needed to have a hard lesson of Gadsmacking to catch up. Not all of us got it.

Two events happening over the next months will tell us how much growth actually happened, and how many are still choosing to be stuck. In the microcosm/macrocosm scheme of things, the first is the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh; the second is our mid-term elections in November. Both of those macrocosm situations will tell us how microcosm individuals have grown. Have the majority of us moved past desperately trying to hold on to and maintain the past and the “all about me” mentality? Or are the majority of us ready to move with the new vibe into the “all about us” present and future?

Kavanaugh is a perfect example of those choosing to be firmly stuck in the past male power-over category. He truly believes he knows better than women and anyone “not him” what is good for them, forcing his beliefs on others in the process without respect for any one else. In his world, it’s okay for him to lie to get what he wants in the guise of his opinion being for the greater good (and for his ego and prestige). Should he be confirmed, it not only has a bigger impact on our country being stuck for thirty or more years (and vehemently fighting it), but it indicates that fear is still more important than growth.

The GOP portion of the Senate who will vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation have seemed in a dream while profound change happens around them. They stay in fear-driven shock-silence waiting for it (the shift) to be over so they can get back to normal. They have yet to realize the shift is what stays, they don’t. To date, there is not much of a chance of growth from the majority of them, but hopefully the summer lessons broke some free to think for themselves, not only of themselves.

The good news is that if No-Rights-For-Women-Kavanaugh is confirmed, there is an option to impeach him later for the felony of lying to the federal government in this and previous confirmation hearings, or of having the term of Supreme Court justices limited to a set number of years instead of it being a lifetime appointment. Both of those opportunities can repair Piscean Age hold-out desperation decisions.

The second important test coming out of the summer lessons is, as mentioned, the mid-term elections on November 6. This isn’t about Democrats having to win or Republicans needing to lose. Human beings have to win. The Earth and our evolution don’t care about political parties. The Earth needs the individual who has integrity, honesty and a will and desire to genuinely help others. If the candidate for the November elections thinks more about the long-term greater good of all instead of holding on to the Piscean Age male/self power-over, we need that energy despite party alliances.

The candidate who thinks of how our actions affect seven generations in the future is the one who saves humanity. The “Seven Generations” concept is of Native American origin, respecting all life now and in the future. We need that to repair the damage mankind has already done to ourselves and to our Earth.

In the end, if the result of either test has the Piscean Age hold-outs staying in power, it doesn’t plunge us into darkness because it won’t last long. The natural new vibe of the planet won’t let their power-over have as much punch as they once had and they will fall for many reasons. However, the result of these two tests represents a much different (harder or easier) road for “mankind” to become “humankind”.

The shift upward into awareness is inevitable. The vibe-change has already happened. We don’t move backwards. But we can slow down how easy it is to move forward. Watch what happens. It is a flag for how many people got their Summer of Retrograde lessons.

And obviously, VOTE!!!! It’s on all of us to be responsible for change.


A lot of people are frustrated that, now September is here, things are not moving quickly in their lives, in business, in relationships. But this is not a year of major accomplishments outside of self, but rather inside of self. Think of it this way: 2017 was a river that flowed so activity and accomplishments flowed. 2019 will be the same. 2018, however, is a lake, filled with the stillness of self-reflection in deep ways. Try to avoid the “shoulds” on how this year is supposed to be and relax in the accomplishment of truly knowing ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the more we accomplish next year.

Also be aware that we are coming into the most geomagnetically active time of the year. September always has unusually high activity, but the week before and after the equinox brings major cracks in Earth’s magnetic field, called “equinox cracks” caused by solar winds. While the effect on our nervous system is slight compared to the sledgehammer energy of the summer, we can still feel off, uncomfortable for no apparent reason and a bit touchy. Again, nothing like the summer, but for the next two weeks, give ourselves a break. There is always a reason for what we go through, even if we don’t know or understand it.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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