Recent Reviews from Clients

The following reviews were in response to my old booking system (BookFresh) automatically sending a follow-up email asking for comments.  Once I changed booking systems (because Square bought out BookFresh in 2017), that automatic follow-up stopped.  I apologize for these being out of date, but they can give you a gist of what clients have thought of me. If you’d like to have your review added to these, please send them to me via email ( specifying that you’d like your comments included on my website.  Thank you.


An amazing gift    

Tina S. says: Talking with Laurie was like talking to an “old friend” who gave such clear, connected and heart filled vision that I treasure. Her insights were articulated with detail, open and in tune with myself, I could sense it. Laurie has an AMAZING gift that I am so thankful to have shared time with her. More to come …! Thank you, I feel so grateful, tranquil and happy!!

Insight with kindness and care.


Evelyne W. says: Laurie has great insight with clarity and kindness. She tapped in right away with the issue at hand, told me the roles and archetypes I have been playing for many lives and why it is hard to change this pattern. She gave me insight into how to do this and was right about my situations. I highly recommend a reading with Laurie. You will be happy you did, she is truly gifted.

Laurie the Healer, Clarity and Peace


Kitty M. says: Laurie’s session was more than I could have asked for. I went in looking for guidance and clarity regarding my recent life choices and continuous life journey. I left the session feeling empowered, energized and focused. She was spot on from the beginning about what was going on in my life, and the people around me. Her energy is direct and simultaneously encouraging. I was particularly impressed with her astrological and planet knowledge, as well as just overall being a master intuitive. Her gift is amazing. She breaks things down for you and explains in full detail. She’s nonjudgemental, helping you see things with a new perspective and a fresh sense of possibility. I’ve been telling everyone about Laurie since I met with her, and suggesting they go see her if they’re feeling any sense of confusion in life. It’s better than therapy. I immediately wanted to book another session, but her information and suggestions were so thorough, I knew I needed to reflect for some time and try to put things into practice before I went back. I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone, don’t question it, go, you won’t be disappointed!



Ana R. says: Laurie is accurate, clear, able to communicate in a deep level and very comforting by her loving and compassionate energy. She shares her deep understanding of all aspects of any situation, encouraging us to take responsibility for our own choices, but  with a deeper understanding that she provides. She is amazing! Highly recommend her!

A Light In the Darkness


Karen B. says: I had my first reading with Laurie recently. She was concise and very empathetic and gave me information that will assist me on my journey of expansion. We instantly had a wonderful rapport. I know I will talk to Laurie again when I feel I need to. Laurie is a wayshower. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants clarity.

Simply the best


Yalu A. says: Laurie is simply the best! She always makes me feel comfortable! She is amazing!

1st reading of 2017


Kinsey K. says: I had another good reading with Laurie yesterday where she gave me good insight on some personal issues. I always feel more calm and centered after a reading with her because she reminds me of all the positives in my life and more to come. Whenever I start to feel completely off centered, I know it’s time to get a reading it’s so helpful. I will continue to seek her insight as it has become a constant healing process for me. Thank you Laurie!

First time


EMarie N. says: Laurie had a marvellous way of putting me at ease right away. It was immediately obvious that she is an extremely gifted intuitive. She also has an engaging and delightful way of expressing herself, which makes hard realities sound palatable. She’s encouraging, insightful and very helpful in her analysis of situations. I’d certainly recommend her as well as have another reading when necessary. EN

Traci U


Traci U. says: I have been consulting Laurie for a couple of years now in what has been an incredibly difficult situation.Laurie has been spot on every time. She’s incredibly easy to talk to,she tells it like it is,which I appreciate greatly.I have been to many people over the last 25 years and Laurie is very gifted and very accurate,I highly recommend her to all seeking answers. Blessed Be.

Heightened Senses


Carol L. says: Laurie’s heightened senses and acute ability to accurately assess my situation was a great help. I feel stronger and clearly directed in my own path; whereby nothing can now sway me. Thanks, Laurie !

Great reading!


Patty V. says: Wow! I was blown away buy the amount of info given during my session. Laurie is great, I can’t wait for another reading! Her insight was so helpful, it clarified a lot of things that have been making me anxious! I feel so much better!!

Diane Ratley.


Diane r. says: Write your review Laurie has incredible gifts which she shares during her reading. I trust her and feel that she is a friend. She has helped me so much in my readings with her. She is a wonderful person.