Here is what some of my clients say about me.  Be aware I’ve been reading for some of them for a long time, they might be prejudiced. 

I’ve been going to Laurie for quite a while and I can honestly say that when she reads something in the cards or gets a certain feeling about an issue I bring up, there have been no “maybes,”  these things occur within the specified time frame. At first it kind of freaked me, truth b told, but her insight is phenomenal and my life is better for it. Truly.

Now that I am living in Hong Kong, I don’t walk in to see her anymore, but do call her regularly to speak  about career, relationships and various other things that seem to creep into life. She is funny, down to earth, and literally tells it like she sees it, which I appreciate. I have sent many people her way, some were very skeptical about mediums and psychics, yet all (100%) have become devoted clients and friends who rely on her advice and counsel.

I highly highly recommend Laurie’s services. Wherever I am based next, whether it is Shanghai or Vientiane, I will definitely be keeping my regular call time with her.

~Steve M, Hong Kong

I have had many readings from many different people since I was in my early 20’s, but no one has been like Laurie. I have been reading with Laurie for many years now and I knew from the first session, just by her presence and her energy. that she was the real deal and I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about (her knowledge is endless). She is the type of reader that just explains things so in detail. and what she picks up on she reveals to you in a way that is crystal clear (that you just get and it clicks). It just makes you feel at ease and you actually feel more powerful and back in neutral and back on your own personal path after a session. She also is just an amazing human being and is really here to help people. If you have an opportunity please read with Laurie!keep coming back to her and will keep coming back to her. Laurie has reached far beyond my expectations of a reader and has also gained my highest amount of respect due to her accuracy, honesty, knowledge and compassion that she gives you after a session. She is also SO professional. which is first and foremost what attracted me to her.

~Molly Taylor,
Los Angeles, California

As a professional and personal development coach, consultant and trainer, I feel blessed to know Laurie as a colleague, friend and confidant. She has been a professional and personal adviser to me. With each call placed to Laurie, I experience expansion, depth, laughter and heart. I have utilized her insight over the years and have referred many friends and clients to her.

Interpersonally, she presents herself with confident grace – easily making connection with her remarkable ability to be present with people with caring, interest, intelligence and humor. She exudes a clear, assertive communication style and resonates in her listening to draw each client out. She has remarkable intuitive skills, but is also logical and grounded. She presents information with wonderful metaphors and examples that one can enthusiastically relate to. Laurie can speak to a very broad population because of her own diverse life experience and former positions of responsibility. She has a special knack for getting her important points across, while managing the mine fields of client resistance, blocks and temperament.

Most importantly, Laurie has accurate perspective and answers for her clients and so they continue to utilize her services. Skillfully and insightfully she facilitates their shifts for breakthrough.

~Marilyn Morris, M.Ed.

“Laurie’s readings helped me feel empowered and enlightened as life’s challenges confront me. She has had a tremendous impact professionally: the accuracy of her predictions help me discern what projects to take on and what clients to work with; this has made me a very successful independent contractor in my chosen field. Additionally, her readings have made me become a better person by helping me understand my relationships in a objective, positive light. I highly recommend Laurie if you have any questions about life, love and career or just simply need to feel in control of your life!”

~Hilda Somarriba,
Miami, Florida

I’ve been talking to Laurie for 5 years now….her insight and guidance have helped me get through some tough life changing situations. I feel like she’s a friend who I can share anything with and no matter what I’m going through, she helps me gain clarity through her warmth and honesty. And what I love most about her is how she can make me laugh even during the most serious readings and lighten up the mood. Thank u Laurie for your positivity. You are a blessing!

Bombay, India

I have been a client of Laurie Johnson for at least 15 years. Sitting across from Laurie is always a comfort and always a learning experience. A comfort because she is extraordinarily talented in her ability to see what is in my highest interest and what I should know to assist me in my process. I can’t think of any experience more comforting (and powerful) than to have another human being truly feel what it is like to be in your shoes. That’s a session with Laurie.

Another perspective is always helpful, and Laurie’s insights in particular and her intelligent and gentle delivery often provide me a piece of my puzzle, allowing me to continue in my process with a much clearer idea of where I am and where I am going. That’s a session with Laurie.

And if that wasn’t enough, after a Laurie session, I feel that I have learned much more about myself and about the ways of the universe. She often provides a broader picture of what is happening astronomically and universally. That information is always reassuring because it allows me to get an even broader perspective of how my process and the universal consciousness are playing out over time.

If your loved ones include those with four legs, in addition to her gifts assisting us humans, she also has a deep understanding of and ability to intuit the furry ones. She is a treasure and I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.

~Ann Milens,
Studio City, California