As a professional and personal development coach, consultant and trainer, I feel blessed to know Laurie as a colleague, friend and confidant. She has been a professional and personal adviser to me. With each call placed to Laurie, I experience expansion, depth, laughter and heart. I have utilized her insight over the years and have referred many friends and clients to her.

Interpersonally, she presents herself with confident grace – easily making connection with her remarkable ability to be present with people with caring, interest, intelligence and humor. She exudes a clear, assertive communication style and resonates in her listening to draw each client out. She has remarkable intuitive skills, but is also logical and grounded. She presents information with wonderful metaphors and examples that one can enthusiastically relate to. Laurie can speak to a very broad population because of her own diverse life experience and former positions of responsibility. She has a special knack for getting her important points across, while managing the mine fields of client resistance, blocks and temperament.

Most importantly, Laurie has accurate perspective and answers for her clients and so they continue to utilize her services. Skillfully and insightfully she facilitates their shifts for breakthrough.