I’ve been going to Laurie for quite a while and I can honestly say that when she reads something in the cards or gets a certain feeling about an issue I bring up, there have been no “maybes,” these things occur within the specified time frame. At first it kind of freaked me, truth b told, but her insight is phenomenal and my life is better for it. Truly.

Now that I am living in Hong Kong, I don’t walk in to see her anymore, but do call her regularly to speak about career, relationships and various other things that seem to creep into life. She is funny, down to earth, and literally tells it like she sees it, which I appreciate. I have sent many people her way, some were very skeptical about mediums and psychics, yet all (100%) have become devoted clients and friends who rely on her advice and counsel.

I highly highly recommend Laurie’s services. Wherever I am based next, whether it is Shanghai or Vientiane, I will definitely be keeping my regular call time with her.