First off, did you feel that high energy flow last week for the three days before the January 31st Full Blood Blue Moon with Lunar Eclipse? It was the first time that combination of events (Full Moon, Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse) gathered together in 150 years. It was wicked intense. The energy was really good for some and really bad for others, depending on what needed attention or what needed to change in our lives. Read More

Spiritual Development and The Walking Dead

There’s a direct connection between the current spiritual development of humankind in our new Aquarian Age and the success of “The Walking Dead”. As strange as that may seem. Let me explain.

For the totality of the Piscean Age (and longer, but now I’m talking specifically about the last 2,000 years), mankind didn’t have to think about personal spirituality, individual awareness of our deepest selves or direct connection with Creator. Those heavy concepts were thought for us by organized religion. Whether that was Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddha-ism, Confucion-ism or any of their brothers or offshoots, we were inspired by a handful of divine men, then instructed by their representatives how to think, feel and understand Higher Source. Some were leaders and teachers of high integrity and purpose; some were driven by ego and greed. Read More