On Saturday, January 28, we finally come into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster and the energy shift into 2017! The normally fiery personality of Rooster coupled with it being a Fire Year doubles action, brings enthusiasm and energy into everything we feel and do and uplifts how we accomplish our journey forward. Hope and action are key concepts this year led by common sense and good values which come back into style.

2016 felt much longer than a single year as it’s been the culmination of a ten year cycle that got pretty intense at the end. Challenges and lessons we’ve overcome and learned (or not) over those ten years propel us into a brand new energy. This year is the foundation for our next ten years. And beyond. Read More


When the energy shifted into the vibe of 2017 on Friday, January 28 (Year of the Fire Rooster!), the weight of ten years of self-reflection, inner work/healing, and realization came off our shoulders. That gave us two very clear categories as we start the next ten-year cycle: we leap forward or we shoot ourselves in the foot.

For many of us who are leaping forward, what’s happened this past week, however, was that our feeling of relief was immediately overwhelmed by the sorrow of the plight of others who didn’t do their self-work. With those of us in-tune and more clearly able to harmonize ourselves with the refined Aquarian Age vibration, we’re now recognizing that all of humanity is connected in visceral, previously unrealized ways. Read More


2017 has so much going on, it needs more than one posting to cover it. So look for my take on our political and global shifts on Monday, January 16th, (before the Inauguration on Friday the 20th), and what to expect from the Year of the Fire Rooster on Monday, January 23rd (to prep for the Chinese New Year/New Moon on January 28th). Meanwhile, here’s some info on the general feel of the year, what our lessons will be and how to deal with it all.

Be aware – this year is a big deal! We’ve finished a very hard ten-year run of pulling ourselves out of Piscean Age concepts with great success only to seemingly come to a screeching halt with the election. “Seemingly” is the key word here. This year is defined by the polarity of people who think they’ve regained control being stopped and smacked in the face regularly, while people who have done all the right things without success speeding forward with the grace of God (or Goddess, Creator, Spirit). So, hold on! This will be interesting. Read More