So here we are coming to the end of a journey. It probably doesn’t feel like it because we’re still surrounded by so much turmoil and chaos and crazy as if things are out of control. We’ve been living with that for so long, it doesn’t feel it will ever end. But, believe it or not, the energy of 2020, which has lingered quite a while since the end of the year, is itself coming to completion. Read More


The ending of 2018 energy last Tuesday, February 5 went out with a growl and seemingly left us with karmic strings tying us to what we spent the entire year facing and healing. The weekend before was rough. As always, when an astrological event nears it’s end, its effect gets more intensified rather than slacks off. We also had an incredibly huge tear on the solar surface, almost the entire width of the sun, that was spewing solar winds and storms at us every time it faced us. That not only gave us stunning aurora borealises but disrupted our body’s electromagnetic system making us feel itchy and uncomfortable in our own skin. Read More