Summer of Karmic God-Smacking 7/12/2012

Summer of Karmic God-Smacking

One of the great benefits of my job is being able to regularly talk to people all over the world and get the energetic “temperature” of the planet, i.e. the pattern of shifts we’re experiencing in this intense year of change.  I frequently have several clients in one day, who don’t know each other and live in different states, experiencing the same issues out of the blue.  That, coupled with messages I get during readings and in meditations, gives me the info that I pass on to you. Read More

Uranus Square Pluto Aspect 6/21/2012

Uranus Square Pluto Aspect

The first significant astrological milestone of the 21st century has arrived.  It’s the Uranus square Pluto aspect that peaks on June 24th and will hit us again on September 18th, and then again in 2013, 2014 and 2015, bringing with it a whole lot of change.  Here are some excerpts from what Annie Bones has to say about it in her Celestial Forecaster (one of my bibles): Read More