Just an FYI, I am still using PayPal to take payments for readings, but as my current booking system is under the Square umbrella, they’re not keen on making it easy to use a different payment system than theirs (even though with Square you have to pay me over the phone rather than prepay as with PayPal). However, I am working on having a PayPal connection on my website that will make it easier to connect when a reading is booked but I don’t know how that will work yet.

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I’ve been watching the news recently (not my usual viewing pleasure), specifically Morning Joe on MSNBC that covers all the political upheaval we’re in. Joe, Mika, Willie and guests discuss current political events such as what the president should do to be better at being president, or what the Republicans should do to take more solid command, or what the Democrats should do to provide a clearer message.

But what’s happening is not about the specifics that Trump needs to grow up (he won’t in this life so don’t expect it), or that Republicans or Democrats need to get themselves together. These are symptoms of the change on us, not the change itself. Besides, the word should represents an ego-statement, not reality. What does that say about what we’re facing now – it’s all about lessons in ego not reality. Read More


To share yet another view of why what is happening in this country is happening, I reprint here excerpts from an article by Jose Luis Stevens, Ph.D. (

Look at the behavior of someone who is spiritually advanced like for example the Dalai Lama. Now if there ever were someone who was justified in hating the Chinese for what they did to him and his people it would be the Dalai Lama. However, as someone who is an old soul and spiritually advanced, he knows that attacking the Chinese and railing against them is not going to help at all. This would only reinforce their bad behavior with regard to Tibet. So if you will notice, the Dalai Lama is very diplomatic when discussing the Chinese. He does not call them names and attack them but he does make clear that Tibet needs to be free and that his people need to be treated justly. Read More


With the never-ending, expanding-into-chaos ridiculousness Trump has given us last week in his first all-by-himself press conference (and during his first weeks in office), I’ve had many clients asking if he’s going to make it to the two years and three months I originally saw for his “reign”. With the unabashed speed with which he’s rolling out his stupidity, I doubt it – unless the impeachment procedure starts now and just takes that long. But I don’t think so. All bets are off. No one knows what happens next. We are in the unknown with our Piscean/Aquarian Age shift, so why should our politics be any different?
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When the energy shifted into the vibe of 2017 on Friday, January 28 (Year of the Fire Rooster!), the weight of ten years of self-reflection, inner work/healing, and realization came off our shoulders. That gave us two very clear categories as we start the next ten-year cycle: we leap forward or we shoot ourselves in the foot.

For many of us who are leaping forward, what’s happened this past week, however, was that our feeling of relief was immediately overwhelmed by the sorrow of the plight of others who didn’t do their self-work. With those of us in-tune and more clearly able to harmonize ourselves with the refined Aquarian Age vibration, we’re now recognizing that all of humanity is connected in visceral, previously unrealized ways. Read More