Asteroid Awareness 6/17/2013

Asteroid Awareness

Space seems to be quite a busier-than-usual place these days. Most obviously, there was the asteroid that hit over the Ural Mountains in Russia on February 15th this year. It injured 1,100 people and caused a lot of damage. Check out the excellent footage on YouTube, referencing the date and “Russia”. It must have been pretty scary driving down the road and seeing that light coming out of the sky exploding like a bomb. Read More

Solar Eclipse on May 9, 2013 5/8/2013


From everything I’ve heard and observed over the last two weeks, the releasing energy that hit on the April 25th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse has continued and, for some, gotten more intense. If it hasn’t been felt personally, it has been experienced as reaction to those who are fighting the changes confronting them by making sure their discomfort is felt by all. Read More