In any situation when a major change happens—like a planned or unplanned move, a new marriage or break-up/divorce, expected or unexpected death, getting or losing a job—it normally takes our human bodies about three-to-six months to adjust to the new vibration. We deal with what we have to in whatever the New Normal is, but it takes time to relax into it before it stops feeling “strange”. Given that trauma (forced move, death, break-up/divorce, getting fired) elongates the emotional adjustment, three-to-six months is still the standard. Read More


How did you make it through last week? The energy was out there in stress and fear that manifested in weird ways: insomnia, testiness, confusion, brain fog, and a push on anything already out-of-balance within, turned up to eleven. Stress was more stressful, resentment was harder to deal with, frustration brought more impatience. Sometimes the stress fed into physical ailments. I ended up using pheromone plug-ins for my cats because they could feel it so strongly. I wish there was something similar for humans. Read More


If we watch world news, national news and sometimes local news these days, things can seem pretty dire. When our very core is being forced to change and adapt at lightning speed, it puts our individual worlds and the general world in chaos. During these times, finding light within and at the end of the tunnel can seem impossible. How can anything work out with so much upheaval? How can things get better if everyone is self-centered in fear and survival at the expense of everyone else? It feels as if none of us will ever be comfortable again.

However, every once in a while, even in this dire landscape, a bright light bringing hope can show itself. Read More


Did anyone else feel that hit of positive, uplifiting, hopeful energy immediately after the total solar eclipse last Monday? While I was expecting a shift, I didn’t think it would be that obvious or deep.

I was in readings all day, even during the event of the eclipse in my area, but I was aware what time it reached its apex. Within fifteen minutes after it had passed, I was suddenly happy and hopeful and had a new energy I haven’t experienced for years. Like I was hit with a Happy Stick. It lasted all day and night. A more subdued version of it is still with me now.

The message I got with this post-ecliptic surge was…hope. Read More