Last week might have seemed stressful (on top of our usual 2020 stress) because we were coming to the pre-finale of this year. Friday, November 13 brought Mars going direct. Finally! That meant the biggest, pushiest, longest male lessons of the year—moving from Piscean Age sensibilities into Aquarian Age sensibilities—were over. Unfortunately those who refused the lessons are going to be stuck and have a hard time moving forward. How that affects others is changing, so take heart that the Piscean Age Overlord Effect is ‘thisclose’ to coming to an end.

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You know how runners have to stretch and prepare their bodies before they go on a run? Well, it’s the same for psychics – we need to stretch and prepare our abilities to be the best we can be while reading. At least, I do.

My gifts are available to me all the time. Without purposefully tapping in, I get regular “hits” to move lanes in traffic to avoid an accident that hasn’t happened yet, or can tell when people are lying, or can feel people’s auras.
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