Since we experienced the big Energy Shift on the Jewish New Year (Friday, September 18), most of us have been adjusting to life in a new vibration. And that’s been really, really hard. With everything else we’re dealing with in our physical world (pandemic, political chaos, picking up each others fear), we just got thrown, not lifted but thrown, a mile high closer to Heaven (or the Aquarian Age vibe which can feel like Heaven in these times). Read More


Original newsletter date – 5/20/19

A lot happened in the news last week that has “Piscean Age” written all over it. Obviously, I’m talking about the tsunami of “take-us-back-to-the-Stone-Age” decisions made by old white male politicans who feel they’re losing their place in the world. In response to their fear from not being able to get through or over the Brick Wall of 2018 (so their stuck vibration no longer belongs on the planet now), they’re trying to control the biggest threat to their “traditional” power-over by trying to control and punish women “for their own good”, in most cases falling back on religion to make it all seem righteously palatable.
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So it happened. Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

While I am supremely disappointed in the Aquarian Age progress of our politicians (the macrocosm to our individual microcosm), specifically in Susan Collins and Jeff Flake, the confirmation has touched off a reaction that is similar to what was experienced in the French Revolution in the early 1800s. Take heart – look what that accomplished. While I don’t expect the bloodshed that was required to make change then, I do expect change to be made! Read More

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation 7/2/2013

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in my writing and teaching, the energy coming in with the Aquarian Age is about balance, harmony, communication and an awakening of Humankind instead of entitled Mankind. We’re realizing it’s not just “All men are created equal” but “All life is created equal”. Our general consciousness is seeing how everyone and everything has an equal and vital place and purpose for our growth as spiritual beings.  Read More