Last week might have seemed stressful (on top of our usual 2020 stress) because we were coming to the pre-finale of this year. Friday, November 13 brought Mars going direct. Finally! That meant the biggest, pushiest, longest male lessons of the year—moving from Piscean Age sensibilities into Aquarian Age sensibilities—were over. Unfortunately those who refused the lessons are going to be stuck and have a hard time moving forward. How that affects others is changing, so take heart that the Piscean Age Overlord Effect is ‘thisclose’ to coming to an end.

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Two events made a profound and lasting effect on us last week. The first was the unusually powerful Full Moon on Friday, September 13, which moved us into a new level of Aquarian Age ascension. It basically lifted us into a higher evolutionary vibration. The second was Saturn going direct on Wednesday, September 18, after five months of being retrograde. It gave us a huge karmic-lesson release. Saturn is about the structure of our lives, which includes our karma. Saturn retrograde is about us facing karma that has been faced before but not cleared. When it goes direct, there is always a release no matter how much work is left to do because we invariably got something accomplished.
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The quieting of activity in astrology tells us we are in a recovery time from the turmoil of the year of karmic catch-up and lessons of self-awareness. Yet the energy over the last two weeks has not supported the feeling of any downtime. Emotionally, things have been coming to an unexpected head – things that have been simmering for a long time. Months, even years’ worth of fear, presenting itself as anger, resentment, and frustration – mostly about self – has finally seemed to explode. That means chaotic behavior has hit a high, mostly among men, which means the chaos is taken out on others. It’s been very destructive. Read More