Preparing for 2014 12/16/2013

Preparing for 2014

As we head toward the end of 2013 and get ready to take on a new year, here are some things to know to help in surviving where we’ve been, adapting to where we are now and preparing for where we’re going. I’ve talked about most of these occurrences before. The difference is that now there is a lot of energetic change overlapping and coming to a head, clearing us out, so to speak, before we move into 2014. Read More

Evidence of the Piscean-Aquarian Shift 5/21/2013

Evidence of the Piscean-Aquarian Shift (and a Word on Solar Activity)

How is everyone doing with this mighty solar activity? The Lusty Month of May has brought a prodigious number of sunspots, solar flares and geomagnetic storms. While our electronics have been only marginally disrupted so far, human beings have been hit as if by a sledgehammer and weather has been whipped to extreme by the fluctuating magnetics. Read More

High Solar Activity 7/5/2012

High Solar Activity

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended looking up the June, 2012 issue of National Geographic that had a cover story of “Solar Super Storms” as we’ll be in a Solar Maximum  (excessive cyclical solar activity) thru the end of 2013.  

This morning I received a warning from  (I am a subscriber) of “HIGH SOLAR ACTIVITY”, a “behemoth” of a sunspot 10 times wider than Earth that is crackling with solar flares. Read More

Solar Storms 6/14/2012

Solar Storms

Welcome to Laurie Johnson Psychic Newsletter!

Just a quick note on Solar Storms.

If you don’t get National Geographic, please find a copy of the June, 2012 issue that has a cover story on “Solar Super Storms”.  It goes into amazing detail about the Solar Maximum we’re already surfing (and will continue to experience thru the end of 2013) and suggests ways to be prepared.  Of course, this doesn’t touch on the way this magnetic energy affects us emotionally, spiritually or as part of our 2012 humanity evolution, but it’s really good info to have under your belt.  Hang in.  It’s crazy out there and going to get crazier.