So, last week was a lot of fun!

Transformation, up-grading, birth is never easy and last week proved that. There was an intensity of energy leading up to the Vernal Equinox and Super Full Moon, then a different intensity of energy on the day of, and a different intensity of energy coming out of it. Even though Wednesday was the day last week of releasing and rebirthing, there was also a mega-release on Friday. Events, relationships, growth, lack-of-grown, up to and including many deaths that had been building up for years, were finally completed. Read More

High Solar Activity 7/5/2012

High Solar Activity

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended looking up the June, 2012 issue of National Geographic that had a cover story of “Solar Super Storms” as we’ll be in a Solar Maximum  (excessive cyclical solar activity) thru the end of 2013.  

This morning I received a warning from  (I am a subscriber) of “HIGH SOLAR ACTIVITY”, a “behemoth” of a sunspot 10 times wider than Earth that is crackling with solar flares. Read More