In every circumstance, whatever a leader does trickles down to, affects, and influences everyone else involved. The leader sets the stage. Even if people don’t live up to a leader’s example, they are affected by the energy exuded, even if they aren’t aware of it.

A good case in point. A friend worked on the movie, Angels and Demons, directed by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks as the star. He noted that Hanks was on time every day, prepared with his lines and character every day, was kind and generous to cast and crew every day and took the role of “Top of the Food Chain” very seriously. The shoot was pleasant and professional. Everyone followed his lead. Obviously, equal kudos go to Ron Howard who has a well-oiled machine with his crew who work with him on every movie. He is also prepared, respectful of his cast and crew and the ultimate professional. But if Hanks or Howard had behaved differently, it would have been a very difficult process. Read More