Between now and September 22, a lot is going on astrologically and energetically. We’ve already been feeling the wave of August’s “Karmic Catch-Up Month” reaching into July, as it will follow us into September. Tis year, the ride is harder than usual. While it will feel like we’re in a constant pressure-cooker, we will be moving from one level of energy shift to another. I always feel it’s better to know what’s coming, especially if it’s difficult. That way, at least we have a heads-up and know that the difficulties aren’t just happening to us individually, but to everyone. Read More


Venus is now direct (as of Sunday, September 6th). That is a huge relief for everyone who experienced the oppression that sat on all matters of relationships for a very long seven weeks.

The New Moon on Sunday, September 13th brought new energy, a new beginning. Especially so as it fell on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. With it was a Solar Eclipse that was very potent. Every eclipse gives us an opportunity to be disconnected from ourselves and our past as we are separated from the light of the Sun by the intervening Moon. It allows our logical left-hemisphere of the brain to take a break and our intuitive right-hemisphere to lead. Read More