As we head toward the holiday time and the end of 2014, here’s something to consider for Thanksgiving and if doing any kind of New Year’s Resolution List: complete and total forgiveness – for anyone and anything that has “happened” to us in our lives so far.

I say “happened” in quotation marks because the common view of negative events or people being in our lives is that they happen to us, rather than being there to show us something about ourselves we need to fix or heal. Even though we all choose what we need to face before we come into this life, we frequently forget that we made the choice, especially when we’re challenged. Or because of our level of development and the depth of a lesson, these things seem to come from outside rather than inside. Read More

Favorite Authors 7/27/2012

Favorite Authors

I’ve had a lot of requests over the years for my sources of information and inspiration.  So this week I thought I’d offer a list of my favorite and most influential books (next week, I’ll finish the list with recommended authors on specific subjects).  These books taught me things of significance and permanently shifted how I look at life, the universe and everything.  If I had limitless funds, I’d have an unending supply of these books and give them to everyone who would take them. Read More