So it happened. Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

While I am supremely disappointed in the Aquarian Age progress of our politicians (the macrocosm to our individual microcosm), specifically in Susan Collins and Jeff Flake, the confirmation has touched off a reaction that is similar to what was experienced in the French Revolution in the early 1800s. Take heart – look what that accomplished. While I don’t expect the bloodshed that was required to make change then, I do expect change to be made! Read More


We adapt to shifting energy on a daily basis – from within because of how we feel (didn’t get enough sleep, ate too much sugar, drank too much alcohol) – and because of others (arguments with lovers, misunderstandings with friends, oppression at work). Because we are in a time of great transition, moving from 2,000 years of the Piscean Age into 2,000 years of the Aquarian Age, we are also very affected by the shifts the Earth is going through.

On top of that, we are affected by the movements of the planets in our solar system. Not just by the astrological map of our birth charts, but by events such as Mercury retrograde and the new and full Moons. While those are quick phases that move through our lives in a matter of days or weeks, there are longer arcs of planetary movement that subtly teach and guide all of humanity in consciousness-shifting ways that may not be so noticeable.

One of those that we’re in right now, and that is having a significant affect on us, is the fifteen-year arc of Pluto in Capricorn. If we look at our daily astrological events as time spent day-to-day in a classroom at university, we can then think of Pluto in Capricorn as the degree we’re trying to achieve. All of humanity is in the same class. And this one will affect us for generations to come.

Pluto is the planet of destruction; it transforms the structure of society and conventional thought and sensibilities brought from one generation to another. One of Pluto’s “jobs” is to change or get rid of things that have become stagnant and no longer serve the greater good. Capricorn, an Earth sign, relates to our physical realm (the Earth) and corporate/industrial growth. When they get together, they bring in revolution and new authoritarian influence. Read More

Full Moon on March 27, 2013

Full Moon on March 27, 2013

Get ready for a busy end of March and beginning of April. With all the challenging energy we’ve had to face since the big shift last year on December 21st, I’m sure people are wondering “When do we get a break?” I feel that’s coming immediately. However, for some who have made choices that keep them stuck, this new energy just heightens what they’re already not facing. Read More