Piscean Age science has a tendency to lag behind metaphysics as their left-hemisphere dominant logic rules out anything that can’t be explained in the three dimensional world. It has served a great purpose. Mankind has made great strides. However, as we move further into the Aquarian Age and the concept of Humankind, science has started to discover its “soul”. We still get the logic of empirical proof, but it’s proof of things energy workers have known for a long time. Read More


We know the energy in January has been about finishing up/releasing lessons, challenges, and left-overs of 2018. 2018 was a significant year of dealing with karma we had yet to face, but it also helped us complete karmic patterns of the last seven to ten years. That’s a lot of work. This month has seemed like the longest January I’ve ever experienced. I’m really looking forward to the 2019 energy starting with the Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Boar/Pig on February 5 with the New Moon in Aquarius. Read More


It’s a big weekend of release and restart. We are free of all summer challenges on Sunday, September 9 when the Hungry Ghosts Month comes to an end. The spectres return to hell and stop plaguing us with revenge and retaliation (i.e., our own karma). That’s the last push of having to look inside and figure out how we fit with the new vibration. Moving forward, we will be refining all the lessons we learned in the past several months, with many of the “automatic upgrades” sliding into our consciousness for activation. Read More


We have a couple of significant astrological and energetic events coming up this week that, hopefully, will get us out of the oppressive remnants lingering from the punch we got on Friday, June 9. On that day, we had a powerful Full Moon and we were finally released from the four-month-long Jupiter retrograde. The days leading up June 9 were dark, heavy and difficult – darker, heavier and more difficult than we’ve had in a while. They were overpowering. And even though we expected to take some time to recover from that kind of energy, especially after the length of the Jupiter retrograde, last week was just as oppressive, sometimes even more so, when there should have been relief. Read More


Before I get to what’s coming for summer, a note first on what we’re experiencing now.

As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, we’re in a numerological one year (2017 = 10 = 1). This is a year of new beginnings starting the very important first ten-year cycle of the Aquarian Age. Yet we’re almost into May and many of us still seem to be waiting for 2017’s promise of forward motion to kick in. We’ve expected a feeling and experience of newness. What we seem to be facing is the forced opportunity to clear up the past to be present in the present. Read More



On Saturday, January 28, we finally come into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster and the energy shift into 2017! The normally fiery personality of Rooster coupled with it being a Fire Year doubles action, brings enthusiasm and energy into everything we feel and do and uplifts how we accomplish our journey forward. Hope and action are key concepts this year led by common sense and good values which come back into style.

2016 felt much longer than a single year as it’s been the culmination of a ten year cycle that got pretty intense at the end. Challenges and lessons we’ve overcome and learned (or not) over those ten years propel us into a brand new energy. This year is the foundation for our next ten years. And beyond. Read More


First, some energy updates:


Monday, March 20, is the first day of Spring, the start of six months of activity and the beginning of the astrological year. This equinox day brings balance, equality, equilibrium and harmony – all attributes of the Aquarian Age (micro-harmony within macro-harmony). While the day helps us in achieving these attributes, it also adds pressure on those who are out of balance to get in balance or be left feeling even more removed from the natural rhythms of human evolution. Look to our politicians and Piscean Age hold-outs to freak out as the Earth shifts under their feet once again to get them to move in harmony rather than be stuck in self. Read More


This is a big week, a defining week, indicating a shift in energy we’ve been working on – and waiting for – for quite a while. It brings an ability to experience inner peace and a re-focusing of purpose in this year of calm and opportunity (which for many hasn’t seemed that calm or filled with possibilities so far). But wait for it. Read More

The Solar Eclipse of April 2014

As we prepare for the new beginning that is marked by the April 29th New Moon and Solar Eclipse, which includes the opportunity to manifest in ways we never could before, here’s some information on the power of eclipses from astrologer Gahl Sasson from his Cosmic Navigator newsletter:

Traditionally, eclipses are associated with fated events, situations that you have “decided” to experience before you were born but obviously have no recollection of. During eclipses that are as intense as the ones happening this month, free-will leaves the stage in favor of destiny and the Three Fates. Some events must transpire whether we like it or not. Eclipses are whirlpools of incidents that guide us down the rabbit hole into a new reality that we are forced to accept. Read More