Eclipse Alert – August 2017

Happy Full Moon!

As I’ve written previously, there is a lot of planetary activity hitting us in August, not just what we’re facing in it being the Karmic Catch-Up Month. Here to explain the eclipses that will have such profound effect on us is an article written by Master Astrology Gahl Sasson.

I especially like what he writes about the once-in-a-lifetime (in North America) solar eclipse on August 21. It’s what I’ve been feeling is going to happen with our government leadership – something big is going to hit the fan. Especially in the United States where we have the only view of the complete eclipse in the world (which means it will affect us all the more). While I don’t think impeachment or resignation will happen at this time, I do think whatever comes to light or shifts will be the catalyst for the eventual end of the trend we’ve been experiencing. Read More